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May 14, 2024

Our Commitment to Local Communities


At Mowi, we aim to maintain good relationships and a positive and meaningful coexistence with the local communities in which we operate.

Our fish farms are located where the conditions best suit our salmon – in stunning, often rural and coastal communities. The aquaculture industry remains a significant global employer for these communities, and we cannot underestimate the importance of salmon farms. We’re proud to provide rewarding and long-term employment opportunities for a range of professional people, allowing them to live and work in these unique places whilst doing a job they are passionate about.

In addition to providing valuable employment opportunities, we are committed to contributing to local communities. Wherever we can, we strive not only to support the local community but also to improve it, either by donating time, money, equipment, or, of course, Mowi salmon. We also use local suppliers whenever possible and strive to create a positive impact by investing in local infrastructure to boost the local economy.

We encourage proactive efforts to engage locally to help prevent any negative impacts on surrounding communities due to our operations. Our community engagement programmes and voluntary certifications ensure good dialogue, sharing and collaborative work with local communities. 

Our relationship with the Indigenous communities in the territories where we operate is particularly significant. We deeply respect their right to participate in discussions and make decisions that affect their territory. Our success is intertwined with theirs, and we are committed to developing our business in a way that respects their interests.

We’re proud to have supported many local communities and initiatives throughout 2023, including beach cleans, activities for children and youth, sports events, and environmental and cultural initiatives. Last year, Mowi held 163 events, and we spent over €1.7 million sponsoring different local initiatives and events. During 2023, we also delivered more than 1,600 hours of volunteer work, and our events and programmes reached 108,000 people. Almost 15,000 of the people engaged were participating in or part of a programme focusing on well-being and sports, and over 31,000 people were engaged in healthy living and eating events.

As we move forward, our commitment to supporting local projects, both financially and socially, remains unwavering. Mowi will continue to foster our relationships with local communities, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met. Moreover, we are dedicated to supporting local projects in sports, healthy eating, education, sustainability, and youth programmes, paving the way for a brighter future.