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Our sustainability programs

Sustainable feed


  • Sustainable sourcing of feed raw materials is a key component of our sustainability strategy as it reduces the risk and volatility in our raw materials supply chain and a material topic to our stakeholders

Our Strategy

  • Ensure full traceability of our feed raw materials
  • Adhere to sustainable sourcing credentials such as Marin Trust and ProTerra
  • Use feeds that lead to lower feed conversion rations (FCR)
  • Reduce the climate footprint of feed raw materials
  • We work in collaboration with the SeaBOS to advance the social codes of conduct in the marine ingredients supply chain and to facilitate digital standardization of traceability systems through the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability


  • 100% traceability of feed raw materials
  • 100% of marine raw materials are certified (Marin Trust or equivalent)
  • 100% of soy is certified (ProTerra or equivalent)
  • Towards lower FCR
  • Towards lower carbon footprint of feed raw materials


  • % FM and FO Marin Trust or equivalent certified
  • % Soy ProTerra or equivalent certified
  • FFDR for meal and oil
  • FCR

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