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Quality Seafood


Every day, we produce high-quality farm-raised salmon and value- added products. High quality is ensured through procedures, training, and the sharing of best practices across the Group. In addition, we are constantly improving our monitoring programs and quality assurance systems, and implementing technology that helps us deliver high-quality products across the world.


Every day, we maintain the trust of our customers by offering them products and services that match their expectations. When we are unable to meet these expectations, we welcome feedback to help us continuously improve. That information helps us to direct our resources to areas where additional attention is needed.

Our global Group Quality System, Qmarine, help us operate in a consistent way throughout the Group. All our operations must comply with a minimum set of third-party verified certification schemes addressing food safety, environmental responsibility, social responsibility and fish welfare. Chain of Custody certifications must be achieved, as required by GlobalG.A.P, GAA/BAP and ASC.


Although the quality of our products is already high, we know there is always room for improvement. Feedback from the market and internal
KPIs helps us to focus on the right tasks. We continually strive to attain high quality through our research and development efforts and
our quality assurance systems and controls.

We are now creating a common claims process to be rolled out at Mowi units with M3. Along with M3, a software tool has been developed
in collaboration with Infor. This will help Mowi respond faster and with greater accuracy to claims we receive from customers. Additionally, we will gather vital global data to help us focus actions where needed at different regions to help us continuously improve our quality performance.

In Canada, we are undertaking a variety of projects and activities to gain a better understanding of what is needed to reduce the quality
losses associated with Kudoa thyrsites. The last two years we have been able to reduce the number of Kudoa thyrsites claims, largely
due to the various initiatives underway.

In 2018 initiatives to understand how to improve the flesh colour has received high priority in Mowi and we expect to see a positive development going forward. Regarding spinal deformities are we running different projects to understand the root cause and take the actions
that are needed.

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