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What we do

Mowi Iberia is today the best option for Iberian customers to get a wide range of fresh seafood products; salmon, hake, cod, tuna, paella mix, cuttlefish and other species, packed in bulk, MAP or skin pack.

We also offer a value-added range of ready meals:
* Our oven range, based on fish portions and veggies
* Fish with veggies in microwaveable skin pack


Postal Address:

Calle Julio Palacios Nº26 - 11 puerta 3, 28029 Madrid, Madrid

Phone Number:

+34 917355208


Postal Address:

Carretera Cogullada, 65, Mercazaragoza – C/P parcela 29-B, 50014 Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Phone Number:

+34 876660440

Contact Information

Sales Director

Patrick Wiik

Product Manager/Marketing Support

Isabel Lorea