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Mowi offers to the US consumers variety, quality, and taste. From the everyday experience with MOWI’s brand delicious Atlantic salmon selection from Mowi’s farms from Chile, Canada, and Norway, the MOWI Ready-To-Cook line is available in generous cuts non seasons and pre-seasoned for convenience. And for those consumers looking for a Ready-To-Eat experience , MOWI offers ultra-thin sliced cold smoked, and smoke roasted center-cut portions of Atlantic Salmon. While the MOWI Brand is at the core of the brands and products servicing the US Market, the Ducktrap Brand represents the Smoking House in the US with tradition and heritage as an American brand. From lightly, cold, or hot smoked Atlantic salmon, to Wild Sockeye or hot roasted Mackerel and Trout, Ducktrap’s product lines are well recognized among US consumers. For Ducktrap, Smoking Seafood is an Art! Our efforts to grow the US Seafood Category also include a wild fin-fish selection under a product line labeled with Marine Harvest to complement and respond to consumers taste and variety demand. As pre-packed fin fish experts, Mowi continues to develop solutions for customers in Grocery Chains, Clubs and National Chains retail channels.

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