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The key factor in reaching for our vision “Leading the Blue Revolution” is our 14 537 employees in 25 countries. The company offers a wide range of opportunities worldwide. We are always looking for ambitious, forward-thinking people who would love to join the Blue Revolution and the future of seafood.

Vacancy Name Work Place Application Due
Assistant Farm Manager (Loch Duich) Scotland, Loch Duich 2022-01-28
Assistant Manager - Saltwater Port Hardy, BC Canada 2022-02-04
Automatiker eller Industrimekaniker / Automatician or Industrial Mechanic Eggesbønes Eggesbønes i Herøy kommune 2022-02-06
Automatiker/Elektriker / Automatic / Electrician Ryfisk - Mowi Sør 2022-03-31
Biologisk controller - sjø / Biological Controller - Sea Agder PO1 - Rogaland PO2 - Hordaland PO3 2022-02-06
Business Analyst / Manufacturing Controller Duninowo 39 2022-01-31
Customs CSR Medley FL 2022-02-25
Deckhand Campbell River, BC Canada 2022-02-04
Driftstekniker / Site Technicans Herand Herand, Ullensvang kommune 2022-02-01
Driftstekniker Stamfisk Sunnhordaland 2022-02-20
Engineering Administration Assistant Rosyth 2022-02-11
Farm Manager (Colonsay) Colonsay 2022-01-28
Farm Site Manager South Coast of Newfoundland, Canada 2022-02-13
Farm Technician (Caol Mor) Caol Mor 2022-02-18
Farm Technician (Kingairloch) Kingairloch 2022-01-28
Farm Technician (Leven) Leven 2022-02-04
Fish Health Biologist West of Ireland 2022-02-18
Food Process Operators Scotland, Fort William 2022-06-30
Forbedrings koordinator Sjø / Improvement Coordinator SW Agder PO1 - Rogaland PO2 - Hordaland PO3 2022-02-06
General Application Campbell River, BC Canada 2022-03-01
Hatchery Technician Northampton, NB 2022-02-04
Hygiene Technician - Klemtu Smokehouse Facility Campbell River, BC 2022-01-31
Industrimekaniker Nordheim Nordheim i Aure kommune 2022-02-13
Lærlinger / Apprentice Mowi Sør Agder PO1 - Rogaland PO2 - Hordaland PO3 2022-03-31
Marine Operative (Co. Mayo) Mayo, Ireland 2022-02-18
Marine Operatives ( Cork and Kerry) Castletownbere (Co. Cork) , Deenish ( Co. Kerry) 2022-02-18
Mekaniker / mechanic Herøy Herøy 2022-01-31
Open applications- Speculative- Ireland Ireland 2025-12-31
Planning & Logistics Support Assistant Scotland, Fort William
Post Smolt (RAS) Trainee Technician Scotland
Produksjonssjef Ferskvann/Production Manager Freswater Sandnessjøen/Bodø/Tromsø 2022-02-10
Prosjektleder / Project Manager Sandnessjøen/Bodø 2022-02-17
Shift Process Technician Kyleakin
Skipper (Nitrox) Scotland
Speculative Applications Scotland 2025-12-31
Systemansvarlig - Operasjonstekniske Programmer Ryfisk - Mowi Sør 2022-02-06
Team Ryfisk Hjelmeland 2022-04-30
Veterinær/ Fiskehelsebiolog Trøndelag/Nordland Trøndelag/Sandnessjøen 2022-02-18
¿Quieres ser parte de la Revolución Azul en Mowi Chile? / Open Application Chile 2022-12-30

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