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At Mowi, our goal is to create a unique culinary experience for our consumers. Our plant in Lemmer is Mowi’s competence centre for coated fish. At this plant, we process about 20 different fish species in a variety of formats, shapes and sizes into a wide range of high-quality convenience products. They can be found both in the chilled seafood shelves and in the freezer isles of many retailers and are also reaching consumers through foodservice channels, at home and abroad.
Next to the coated fish products of Mowi Lemmer, we also supply a wide range of other pre-packed chilled, smoked and frozen fish products to Dutch retail, produced and packed at our plants in Belgium, France and Poland.

We take utmost pride in our attention to detail, caring for our products throughout the value chain. Our consumers and customers can be assured that the fish on their plate is as safe and healthy as it is delicious.

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Mowi brands

Meeting the needs of consumers, retailers and foodservice providers and driving category innovation, the Mowi product development teams spot market trends and identify opportunities, ideas and requirements for new products. Often this is done exclusively in close cooperation with a partnering customer. At other times, new products are developed in-house by Mowi and become widely available thereafter.

Around the world, there are a number of well-recognized brands that are produced by Mowi.

In the Netherlands, the vast majority of our products are sold under the private labels of our customers.



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