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nov 04, 2019

Invoices to Norwegian Mowi entities


All invoices to Mowi must be issued to the correct legal entity in the group.

Company name Registration number
Mowi Markets Norway AS 916 146 337
Mowi Feed AS 911 610 744
Mowi ASA 964 118 191
Centre for aquaculture competence AS 984 080 115
Mowi Holding AS 976 841 220
Mowi Minority Holding AS 988 044 091
Mowi Norway FOU AS 919 441 879
Blue Revolution Centre AS 919 172 290
Mowi Genetics AS 922 025 045
Mowi Seawater Norway AS 921 668 236

Invoice must include a reference to purchaser/buyer in Mowi. The reference should be purchaser/buyers full name, no numbers or other signs.

Purchase order number must be included when purchase order from Mowi is received. The order number (PO) consists of 7 digits, no letters, other signs or spaces.

Mowi operates with standard payment term of 30 days minimum from invoice date. Any deviations must be specifically agreed.

Any invoice that don’t fulfill these requirements cannot be processed and will be rejected.

Mowi requests to receive all invoices from suppliers in EHF/PEPPOL BIS format.

Invoices should always include reference to purchaser at Mowi.

  • For EHF 2.0 the field «/Invoice/AccountingCustomerParty/Party/Contact/ID» is used.
  • o   For EHF 3.0 the field “cbc:BuyerReference” is used.

The field «/OrderReference/ID» is used for purchase order number (PO) stated upon ordering.

Invoice image to be attached to the file.

  • o   For EHF 2.0 the field «/AdditionalDocumentReference/DocumentType» must be defined as «commercial invoice» or «credit note».
  • o   For EHF 3.0 the field  «/AdditionalDocumentReference/Documentdescription” must be defined as “commercial invoice” or “credit note”.

If EHF/PEPPOL is not possible to deliver, invoice is sent as attachment in tif or pdf format on mail to

Invoice requirements when sent on email:

  • Only one file per invoice (multi-pdf or multi-tif) – however one email may contain multiple files (invoices)
  • Maximum of 10 files per email
  • Maximum of 10 MB per file
  • Maximum of 100 MB per email
  • Page size maximum in A4 format.
  • Maximum of 100 pages

Note that emails are automatically processed, and email is only to contain invoices, credit notes and payment reminders. Any text or attachments in other file formats then mentioned above will not be read.

If you have any questions, please ask your contact person/purchaser at Mowi.