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The key factor in reaching for our vision “Leading the Blue Revolution” is our 11 500 employees in 26 countries. The company offers a wide range of opportunities worldwide. We are always looking for ambitious, forward-thinking people who would love to join the Blue Revolution and the future of seafood.

Vacancy Name Work Place Application Due
Aquaculture License Applications Manager Rinmore, Co. Donegal 2024-03-15
Assistant Managers - Saltwater Campbell River, BC Canada West 2024-03-15
Automatiker / Automatician Herøy, i Nordland Fylke 2024-03-03
Data Analyst Rosyth 2024-03-15
Deckhand/ Net Washer (Argyll Net Washer) Argyll & Bute 2024-02-25
Driftsleder / Site Manager Gildeskål kommune, Langskjæran 2024-03-03
Driftsleder Djupevik / Site Manager at Djupevik Djupevik i Stavanger Kommune 2024-02-28
Driftstekniker / farm technican Søfold Kommune, Nedre Kvarv/Kines 2024-03-03
Driftstekniker / farm technican Rødøy kommune, Melfjorden 2024-03-03
Driftsteknikere / Farm Technicians Vanylven kommune 2024-02-25
Driftsteknikere RAS anlegg Fjæra Fjæra, Etne kommune Mowi Sør 2024-02-28
Electronics Technician Arlington, TX 2024-04-15
Engineering Stores Co-ordinator Rosyth 2024-02-29
Farm Technician (Ardintoul) Skye & Lochalsh 2024-03-10
Farm Technician (Greshornish) Skye & Lochalsh 2024-03-10
Farm Technician (Linnhe) Lochaber 2024-03-03
Farm Technician (Torridon) Wester Ross 2024-03-10
Fish Veterinarian Atlantic Canada-Mowi Canada East 2024-04-30
HRBP - Japan, 製造本部担当人事ゼネラリスト、日本 〒286-0046   千葉県成田市飯仲45番地 成田市総合流通センター 食品関連棟B棟2階201号 2024-03-31
Hatchery Technician Stephenville, NL 2024-03-01
Health and Safety Advisor Lochaber
Industrial Electrician New Brunswick 2024-02-29
Kierowniczka / Kierownik Utrzymania Ruchu / Maintenance Manager Duninowo 2024-03-13
Koordynatorka/Koordynator ds. Specyfikacji/Specification Coordinator Duninowo 2024-03-15
Kvalitetskoordinator / Quality coordinator Herøy kommune, Eggesbønes, Møre og Romsdal 2024-03-08
Logistikkoordinator / Logistics coordinator Herøy, i Nordland Fylke 2024-03-03
Lærling / Apprentice teknisk avdeling Ryfisk Hjelmeland kommune, Ryfisk 2024-03-03
Lærlinger / Apprentice Mowi Sør Rogaland; sjø og ferskvann i Hjelmeland, Tysvær, Finnøy, Vindafjorden og Øyerhamn 2024-03-03
Lærlinger Akvakultur Mowi Midt Trøndelag 2024-03-31
Lærlinger Mowi Vest Sogn & Sunnfjord, Nordfjord & Stad, Sunnmøre & Romsdal 2024-03-03
Maintenance Journey Person - Electrical or Millwright Port Hardy, BC Canada West 2024-02-29
Maintenance Technician Rosyth 2024-02-29
Mowi Technology Manager Duninowo 2024-03-13
National Account Manager Miami, FL/Arlington, TX/Remote 2024-03-25
Office Assistant Gdańsk 2024-03-15
Open applications- Speculative- Ireland Ireland 2025-12-31
Operatører kjølelager Jøsnøya Sandstad i Hitra kommune 2024-02-29
Project Manager/Process Specialist (Valsneset/Trøndelag) Valsneset, Ørland kommune 2024-02-25
Quality Technician (maternity cover) Rosyth 2024-02-29
Regional Sales Manager Southeast/MidAtlantic/Remote 2024-02-27
Sales Assistant Mowi Germany Deggendorf 2024-03-22
Sales rep - Japan, セールスプロフェショナル 日本/大阪 〒532-0003 大阪府大阪市淀川区宮原4丁目3番7号 MPR新大阪ビル6階 2024-03-31
Sales rep - Japan, セールスプロフェショナル/リーダー(フードサービス担当) 日本/東京築地 〒104-0045  東京都中央区築地6丁目19番20号 ニチレイ東銀座ビル9階 2024-03-31
Shift Leader Rosyth 2024-02-29
Site Manager - Saltwater (Klemtu) Campbell River, BC Canada West 2024-03-15
Skipper (Lochboisdale) Uist & Barra 2024-03-10
Sommerjobb Herøy kommune, Eggesbønes, Møre og Romsdal 2024-03-24
Sommerjobb Kinn kommune, Deknepollen 2024-04-14
Speculative Applications Scotland 2025-12-31
Sustainability Controller Bergen 2024-03-01
Team Leader - RTC Rosyth 2024-02-29

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