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The key factor in reaching for our vision “Leading the Blue Revolution” is our 14 537 employees in 25 countries. The company offers a wide range of opportunities worldwide. We are always looking for ambitious, forward-thinking people who would love to join the Blue Revolution and the future of seafood.

Vacancy Name Work Place Application Due
Area Manager (Western Isles & Skye) Western Isles 2021-08-15
Asistente de Centro Fresh Water Chile, X región 2021-08-13
Asistente de Centro SW X y XI Región. X y XI Región 2021-12-31
Asistente de Centro Sea Water Chile 2021-12-31
Associate Project Manager PD Medley, FL 2021-09-10
Business Analyst Medley FL or Arlington TX 2021-08-27
Casual Farm Technician (Ardintoul) Ardintoul 2021-08-20
Coordinador/a Técnico X Región 2021-08-15
Customer Service Controller Rosyth 2021-08-29
Department Trainer Rosyth 2021-08-13
Driftsleder / Site Manager Lønngrunnen Lønngrunnen i Ørland kommune 2021-08-29
Driftstekniker / Farm Technician Olderøy/Brattholmen Ytrøygrend i Solund kommune 2021-08-18
Effluent Technician Stephenville, NL Canada 2021-08-03
Farm Technician (Loch Alsh) Loch Alsh 2021-08-20
Farm Technician (MacLean's Nose) Kilchoan 2021-08-20
Farm Technicians (Ardintoul) Ardintoul 2021-08-20
General Application Atlantic Canada 2021-12-31
Global Customer Manager Gdańsk 2021-08-20
HR Manager Miami, Florida 2021-08-20
Hatchery Technician Stephenville, NL Canada 2021-08-03
Hatchery Technician Northampton, NB 2021-08-15
Hatchery Technician Campbell River, BC 2021-08-10
Informatyk Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2021-08-13
Kvalitetsleder Industri Herøy Kommune, Nordland Fylke 2021-08-22
Logistics Afterhours Support Medley FL 2021-08-27
M3 Finance Consultant Bergen, Norway, preferred, but open to other locations possible (Poland (Gdansk), Belgium (Bruges) or UK (Rosyth). 2021-08-19
Magazynier Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2021-09-02
Maintenance Technician Stephenville, NL Canada 2021-08-03
Mechanik maszyn Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2021-08-19
Plant Manager Maine, Belfast 2021-08-31
Pracownik logistyki Włynkówko (pow. słupski) 2021-08-20
Purchasing Assistant Medley FL 2021-08-26
Shift Leader - Primary Rosyth 2021-08-31
Specjalista HR ds. wsparcia produkcji Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2021-08-05
Specjalista ds. BHP Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2021-08-28
Speculative Applications Scotland 2025-12-31
Team Leader - High Care Rosyth 2021-08-13
Veterinari@ Senior Sea Water Chile, X Región, Puerto Montt. 2021-08-04
¿Quieres ser parte de la Revolución Azul en Mowi Chile? / Open Application Chile 2021-12-31
Åpen Søknad, Mowi Midt / Open application Mowi Mid Trøndelag - Møre & Romsdal - Vestland (tidligere Sogn & Fjordane) 2021-12-31
Åpen søknad Mowi Nord Trøndelag - Nordland - Troms og Finnmark 2021-12-31
Åpen søknad til Mowi Sør / Open application Mowi South Agder - Rogaland - Hordaland 2021-12-31

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