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The key factor in reaching for our vision “Leading the Blue Revolution” is our 14 537 employees in 25 countries. The company offers a wide range of opportunities worldwide. We are always looking for ambitious, forward-thinking people who would love to join the Blue Revolution and the future of seafood.

Vacancy Name Work Place Application Due
Asistente de Centro Agua Mar XI región / Site Assistant XI región Chile, XI Región 2022-09-30
Assisterende Driftsleder / Assistant Site Manager Mannbruholmen Mannbruholmen i Frøya Kommune 2022-10-16
Assisterende driftsleder / assistant sitemanager Bessaker i Åfjord kommune 2022-09-25
Assisterende driftsleder Trommo / Åkre / Høysteinen / Assistant Site Manager Trommo / Åkre / Høysteinen 2022-09-25
Automatyk Maszyn i Urządzeń Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-15
Breeding and Broodstock Technicians Campbell River, BC Canada 2022-09-26
Breeding and Broodstock Technicians Comox / Powell River, BC Canada 2022-09-26
Driftstekniker / Farm Technician Verpeide Almenningen i Kinn kommune 2022-10-05
Driftstekniker / Farm technician Bessaker Bessaker i Åfjord kommune 2022-09-25
Driftstekniker / Farm technician Bremnessvaet Bremnessvaet i Smøla kommune 2022-10-16
Driftstekniker/ Farm Technician Mannbruholmen Mannbruholmen i Frøya kommune 2022-10-16
Driftsteknikere ferskvann Fjæra / Site Technicans Fjæra Fjæra, Etne kommune Mowi Sør 2022-10-16
Driftsteknikere/ Farm Technicians Varden og Svellungen Varden og Svellungen i Hitra Kommune 2022-09-25
Farm Technician (Ardnish) Ardnish Field Trials Station 2022-10-17
Farm Technician (Greshornish) Scotland, Isle of Skye 2022-10-21
Farm Technician (Invasion Bay) Scotland, Strontian 2022-10-14
Farm Technician (Poll Na Gille) Scotland, Craobh Haven 2022-10-14
Farm Technicians (Erisort) Scotland, Isle of Lewis 2022-10-07
Fish Processing Technicians St. George, NB
Food Process Operators Scotland, Fort William 2022-12-30
General Application Mowi Canada East - Atlantic Canada 2022-12-31
General Application Campbell River, BC Canada 2022-10-31
HR Coordinator Gardermoen 2022-09-30
HR leder / HR Manager Hitra eller Trondheim 2022-10-15
Industrimekanikere / Industrial Mechanics Eggesbønes Eggesbønes i Herøy kommune 2022-10-02
Jr. Specialist RTR Gdańsk 2022-10-15
Key Account Manager HOG Gdańsk 2022-10-15
Kontroler Jakości Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-09-30
Koordynator Mowi Technology Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-09-29
Koordynator ds. Projektów NPD Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-14
Laborant w Mowi Poland Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-02
Leder Operasjonssentral / Manager Remote Operations Centre Jøsnøya, Hitra 2022-10-16
Maintenance Technician Medley, FL
Mechanik Maszyn i Urządzeń Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-15
Mekaniker/industrimekaniker/ mechanic/industrial mechanic Herøy, i Herøy kommune 2022-09-25
Merchandising & Packaging Designer Medley, FL
Młodszy Kontroler Towarów Paczkowanych Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-09-30
Młodszy Specjalista ds. Zakupów Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-09-30
NPD Category Specialist Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-07
Open applications- Speculative- Ireland Ireland 2025-12-31
Operator (Rosyth) Rosyth 2022-09-30
Operatører / operator kjølelager Herøy Herøy, i Herøy kommune 2022-10-02
Planning & Logistics Assistant Scotland, Fort William 2022-10-21
Pracownik Obsługi Zakładu Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-07
Production controller Western Europe 2022-09-30
Programa de Prácticas Mowi Chile 2023 X y XI Región 2022-09-30
RMT - Sales Manager Remote in Boston
RTR Specialist (Spółki zagraniczne) Gdańsk 2022-10-15
Sales rep - Japan, セールスプロフェショナル 日本/大阪 〒532-0003 大阪府大阪市淀川区宮原4丁目3番7号 MPR新大阪ビル6階 2022-09-30
Sales rep - Japan, セールスプロフェショナル(リテイラー担当) 日本/東京築地 〒104-0045  東京都中央区築地6丁目19番20号 ニチレイ東銀座ビル9階 2022-09-30
Sales rep - Japan, セールスプロフェショナル(冷凍原料担当) 日本/東京築地 〒104-0045  東京都中央区築地6丁目19番20号 ニチレイ東銀座ビル9階 2022-09-30
Senior Accountant St. George, NB 2022-10-07
Specialist Food Processing Apprentice Scotland, Fort William 2022-12-30
Specjalista Drukarni Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-08
Specjalista RTR (spółki polskie) Gdańsk 2022-10-05
Specjalista ds. Wysyłek Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-07
Speculative Applications Scotland 2025-12-31
Stażysta w dziale MPS Gdańsk 2022-10-15
Sustainability Project Manager Bergen 2022-10-02
Tokarz Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-07
¿Quieres ser parte de la Revolución Azul en Mowi Chile? / Open Application Chile 2022-12-30
Ślusarz / Mechanik Duninowo (pow. słupski) 2022-10-07
ビジネスアナリスト Business Analyst - Japan 日本 〒104-0045 東京都 中央区 築地6丁目19番20号 ニチレイ東銀座ビル9階 2022-09-30

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