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Wicklow Point Setting A Fine Example

Clockwise, from top left: Chloe McLaughlin, Holli Desrocher, Rachel
Costall and Rowan Costall

Mowi Canada West has purposed to maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce, and perhaps there’s no better example of that than at Wicklow Point in the Broughton Archipelago.

This summer most of the employees at the site were women, notes Rebekah Norton, who has been Assistant Manager since April, having joined the company four years earlier. Not that it was intentional, but it has proven to be very positive, as she observes it’s a great working environment focused on teamwork and supporting each other.

“By supporting each other, I mean cheering each other on and encouraging each other to take on challenges outside our personal comfort zone,” she says. “Or taking on a task together and facing challenges that may require a team effort, whether physically or intellectually, to achieve.”

There are normally seven employees on site including the manager: three on each shift, and the manager in the middle. On one shift there are three men, and on Rebekah’s shift, there is one male and two women. When summer students arrived this year in May, there were two assigned to each shift.

“Chloe and Holli were on Mark, Steve, and Tim’s shift, and Rowan and Rachel, who are twin sisters, we

re assigned to my, Maria, and Alfredo’s shift. With the students, we had five people on each shift,” she says, adding the students finished at the end of August.

They all enjoyed the experience, and Rebekah says, “I can only speak for Rachel and Rowan, but I can honestly say they absolutely did enjoy their experience and were both sad they had to leave and return to their studies. They were amazing, hardworking, intelligent and fun summer students. We are definitely looking forward to their return next summer,” she adds.

Here’s what they thought in their own words:

Holli Desrocher: “This summer experience for me was hard work but a lot of fun. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the hands on experience, along with the great guidance from the crew.”

Rachell Costall: “My summer at Mowi was nothing short of fantastic. I am proud to have been a part of a majority women’s team and to have developed such strong friendships that exist beyond work. Our team was strong through thick and thin, always cheerful, resilient, and dedicated to the job. I will miss everyone I worked with dearly.”

Rowan Costall: “Wicklow Point was the most rewarding opportunity. I left at the end of summer with not only excellent work experience for the future but strong relationships with my crew. My team made me feel supported and appreciated, helping me to develop my confidence as a young sea site technician.

“Teamwork is the foundation to the success of all sea sites, and to have cooperation, you need communication and respect, which I received in abundance from my crew. Thank you for welcoming me into the family with open arms! I can’t wait to come back for round three next summer.”

Chloe McLaughlin: “Working at Mowi was hard work, and we faced new and unique challenges every day on site. Working outdoors meant that we got to experience the beauty of nature and that, to me, is priceless! Overall I really enjoyed my summer, and learned a handful of great life and tactical skills I’ll be able to use for years down the road.”

Rebekah confirms it has been a great, rewarding experience. “Mowi was already progressive and is working toward a more inclusive workforce,” she says. “How people personally view women in typically male work environments is changing daily. We weren’t the first site to have a majority of women, and we definitely won’t be the last.”

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