In brief

Mowi ASA is one of the largest seafood companies in the world, and the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon.

14,537 Employees
25 Countries
3.8 Billion Eur

Our History

From backyard beginnings to world leadership

Since the Mowi adventure started in 1964 the company has grown and changed in many ways. From its humble beginnings, when a few pioneers started farming fish in their back yards, through to the present day, Mowi has become a global leader in its field. As the company has grown, both organically and as a result of mergers and acquisitions, Mowi has maintained its leading position at the forefront of the aquaculture industry.


The adventure of Mowi begins


First stocking of salmon smolt in seawater. Hydro buys 50 % of Mowi.


Mowi becomes a recognized brand.


Several M&As and Norsk Hydro takes 100 % ownership of Mowi.


The Marine Harvest group is established from three independent companies (Pan Fish, Marine Harvest, Fjord Seafood).


Mowi establishes its own feed division, strengthening a fully integrated value chain.


Morpol becomes part of Marine Harvest Group.


Marine Harvest aquires Gray Aqua Group and Northern Harvest, and establish Mowi Canada East.


Marine Harvest once again becomes Mowi.


MOWI brand launch

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Debbie Miller Retiring After Two-Plus Decades

Dec 24, 2019

Debbie Miller Retiring After Two-Plus Decades

One of Mowi Canada West’s top “bean counters” is calling it a career after 22 years in the aquaculture industry.   Debbie Miller, Saltwater Cost Accountant for the company, has been responsible for the accounting of everything from smolt to harvest, and determines and document all costs associated with all Saltwater activities. That includes the allocation of

Dec 21, 2019

News Release - (UPDATE 24th December) Cause of fire determined, recovery work underway

(2 p.m. Tuesday, December 24, 2019) – We have determined the damage to a pen on the Robertson Island farm over the weekend was very likely caused by an electrical fire. The fire damaged the floats supporting the pen as well as the surrounding netting, causing the pen to partially submerge and creating a gap

100% of Mowi Broughton Archipelago Farms Now Certified to ASC Salmon Standard

Dec 18, 2019

100% of Mowi Broughton Archipelago Farms Now Certified to ASC Salmon Standard

Campbell River, B.C. – Mowi Canada West has made significant progress towards its goal of achieving the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification at its salmon farms in British Columbia. Mowi’s Swanson Island farm is the 25th Mowi site in B.C. to achieve certification to the ASC salmon standard. 100% of Mowi Canada West’s farms in