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Donating a FareShare

Mowi Consumer Products and FareShare continue to get fresh, nutritious salmon to vulnerable people amidst the Covid-19 crisis. 

With UK food producers and associated supply chains deemed an essential service, Britain’s largest salmon producer (Mowi) and the UK’s national network of charitable food distributors (FareShare) have made necessary changes to their business arrangement that ensures the daily supply of fresh salmon continues to reach those in need. 

Packs of various fresh salmon products, including cold smoked, hot smoked and marinated, are picked up daily at Mowi’s seafood processing and packaging operations in Rosyth, and distributed by FareShare to drop off points around Fife and surrounding areas. 

In 2019 the company saw 1,600 kilograms of salmon products donated to charitable food outlets via FareShare, providing about 10,000 meals.

“We have been partnered with FareShare since early 2017,” commented Gary Paterson, Head of Operations, Mowi Consumer Products UK. “Our shared values were evident when we first met, and we were very keen to ensure that any surplus products no matter how small were donated to a charity to feed the various people in the community that would otherwise not be able to get the level of protein in their diet for one reason or another. 

“The majority of our protein is distributed within the Fife region to local communities here in Rosyth, Dunfermline as well as other parts of Fife, Perthshire and Tayside.”

FareShare’s network redistributes food that is nutritious, in-date and good to eat. It reaches charities across the UK, and provides enough food every week to create over a million meals for vulnerable people.

Rachel Carr, Network Development Manager of FareShare Scotland, said: 

“More than eight million people across the UK were already struggling to afford food even before the lockdown measures, and we know many more are now facing financial hardship. That’s why, now more than ever, it is vital that we ensure the vulnerable have access to good, nutritious food. 

“The fish supplied to FareShare by Mowi is extremely valuable for the charities we supply and the vulnerable people they serve – not least because of their high nutritional value, but also the costs saved by charities by not having to buy in-store.

“With demand for our service rising, we are proud to work with Mowi to get food onto the plates of those who need it most.”

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