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Celebrating 30 years of holding the Royal Warrant

2020 marks our 30th anniversary as proud holders of a Royal Warrant of Appointment. Mowi, then trading as Marine Harvest Scotland, was appointed to the Royal Warrant in 1990.

The Royal Warrant of Appointment was established in the 15th century by the Lord Chamberlain. It meant that approved merchants who had supplied specific goods and services to the Royal Household for at least five years had the right to use the Royal Arms in connection with their business. Holders of the Royal Warrant were also allowed to use the Royal Arms on their product and packaging and to display the designated crest on their premises.

Showcased alongside other holders of the Royal Warrant at the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace in 2013

This tradition has continued up to the present day and is as prized and valuable to holders of the Royal Warrant as it was 600 years ago. The process for awarding Royal Warrants of Appointment is managed by the Royal Household Warrants committee. Royal Warrants are currently granted by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales. Today, the distinction of Appointment is granted to around 800 companies.

Commenting on the achievement of holding the Royal Warrant for 30 years, Georgina Wright, head of sales, said:

“We are immensely proud to have held the Royal Warrant of Appointment for 30 years. It is an honour that Mowi Scotland is the only supplier of fresh salmon to Her Majesty. The Royal Warrant, clear from the Royal Crest on our boxes of salmon that are sold all over the world, is recognised and held in high regard globally and lends even greater provenance to the Mowi story.”

The Royal Arms is displayed proudly on each of Mowi Scotland’s 25 kilogram fish boxes that depart our processing plant in Fort William. More than two and a half million of these boxes, which are now recyclable, are shipped worldwide every year bearing this seal of Royal Appointment. Georgina continued: “We know that when our customers see the Royal Crest, they are assured of the quality of our salmon and also of our standards in terms of the environment and sustainability.”

For those who would like to know the exact wording of the Royal Warrant of Appointment, it says:

“This is to certify that by Command of Her Majesty The Queen, Mowi Scotland Limited T/A Marine Harvest Scotland” … “has been appointed into the place and quality of Supplier of Fresh Scottish Salmon to Her Majesty to hold the said place until this Royal Warrant shall be withdrawn or otherwise revoked.”

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