Countdown to Brexit - MOWI - Scotland

Countdown to Brexit

From 1st January 2021, there will be new rules governing how Mowi Scotland does business with the European Union (EU) – the largest single export market for fresh whole Scottish salmon. 

While there continues to be uncertainty regarding a trade deal with the EU, Mowi and the entire salmon sector have made it very clear to government that a deal is expected by deadline.

Without a deal, from January 1st the Scottish salmon sector will be subject to a 2% export tariff in addition to the increased costs associated with the requirement for additional certification for all parts of the value chain.

Georgina Wright, Head of Sales, has been leading the Brexit transition team at Mowi as well as chairing the Brexit working group at the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO). Georgina explained the cross-industry approach to Brexit preparations:

“The SSPO in particular has lobbied hard to protect Scotland’s biggest food export. Scotland and the UK have taken a multi-agency approach to ensure that businesses are Brexit ready and this resource has been important to us. Without a doubt, it has been a challenge. We are ready as we can be for trade post January 1st, but we are not complacent – only when our goods are shipping smoothly in and out of the EU will we be comfortable.”

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