New Mowi salmon brand makes a splash in the fresh fish category - MOWI - Scotland

New Mowi salmon brand makes a splash in the fresh fish category

  • Mowi, the largest salmon farmer in the world, introduces range of premium salmon under innovative new consumer brand, MOWI
  • The range includes restaurant quality products making excellent results easy for customers at home
  • Launching exclusively in Sainsbury’s on 24 March, RRP from £4.50

Mowi, the world’s leading seafood company, today unveils its new consumer brand, MOWI, that brings  a new dimension to the fresh salmon chillers in UK supermarkets and a delicious product range that has been described as “stand-out”.

Drawing on over 50 years of salmon expertise, Mowi is championing growth in the salmon category with the nationwide launch of MOWI’s innovative range of premium Scottish salmon products.

MOWI’s supreme quality Scottish salmon will be available exclusively at Sainsbury’s, in-store and online, from 24th March and will be advertised nationally. The launch range will include three unique products; deliciously smoked salmon as well as natural and pre-cooked salmon fillets, all using state of the art technology and expertise to consistently deliver excellent quality in every pack. The new range is priced to be an affordable premium option, with recommended retail selling prices from £4.50.

Salmon growth has outpaced other increases in grocery due to its health credentials and because consumers now make more time to cook at home. With over half of all consumers saying they want to eat fresh fish more often, and with a large proportion of salmon growth being incremental to the category, the MOWI products all tap into consumer opportunities and trends and help the retailers capture great sales opportunities.

James Cowan, Head of Sales for Mowi Consumer Products said: “We are investing in MOWI to play a dynamic role, inspiring new consumers to eat salmon on new occasions and to inform consumers that not all salmon are equal. MOWI is high in Omega-3, and fresher than fresh for taste. Retailers who support the MOWI brand will inevitably benefit from a halo of the brand driving traffic to stores.

“We believe we have a fantastic range of salmon lines that will stand out in the retailers’ shelves.

“The products are packed to show the top quality, which will be attractive to both new and existing seafood shoppers. We are getting right behind the launch with TV and online advertising, which will drive sales, interest and valuable shoppers to our customers seafood aisles.”

MOWI Rich Cold Smoked Salmon Slices

MOWI’s Rich Cold Smoked Scottish Salmon Slices are the result of decades of dedicated research to resolve a consumer problem and create the perfect recipe for the ultimate smoked salmon. MOWI has revolutionised the slicing and packaging of smoked salmon in two ways. MOWI’s Rich Cold Smoked Salmon Slices are packed on a trademarked stair tray to make plating easy without tearing. Each 100g pack guarantees four slices, distinctly laid out so that shoppers never have to guess if they’ll have the right amount. The slices are also expertly dried, cured and smoked by the MOWI kilnmasters, who slowly prepare it  over many hours to give supreme quality texture and a tender bite. The rich smokiness comes from oak chips used in the smoking process. RRSP £5.00, 4 slices.

Piri Piri Slow Roast Salmon Fillets

MOWI’s unique smoking and slow roast cooking enables these ready to eat portions to be succulent every time without fuss or mess (often a barrier to consumers eating more fish).

Careful marinating and slow roasting makes MOWI’s Piri Piri Slow Roast Fillets the most delicious meal. The ‘Chef’s cut’ salmon fillets are seasoned with a unique mix of Piri Piri spices, red chilli and lime, then gently smoked over oak chips for a show-stopping dish. Perfect eaten hot or cold and convenient.  RRSP £5.00, 2 fillets (180g).

Fresh Scottish Salmon Fillets

MOWI hand selects each salmon fillet to restaurant quality standards to make cooking salmon at home easier and tastier than ever. The fillets are carefully cut to produce a chunky, uniform fillet which not only allows for chef-style plating at home, but ensures each fillet cooks evenly throughout so shoppers can cook with confidence. The expert filleting means nothing is wasted at home. The versatile fillets are high in Omega-3 and best cooked with a sprinkle of sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper, then baked or fried for the perfect quick and easy salmon meal. RRSP £4.50, 2 fillets (230g).

MOWI salmon is responsibly raised on West Coast of Scotland and prepared and packed in Scotland. The company has been independently voted the world’s most sustainable protein producer by FAIRR for two years in a row. MOWI champions ethical and sustainable tenancy of our planet’s oceans as well as supporting local communities and creating healthy food.

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