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Hungri? Fancy some tasti, qualiti, MOWI salmon?

You will once you’ve seen our primetime ad this month!

Aired on STV on May 1st in the Jonathan Ross Show slot, May 2nd during Skyfall, and again May 3rd during the primetime Coronation Street slot, the TV advert will also appear as multiple slots in the rest of the UK, on Sky, ITV, Channel 4, YouTube, on catch up channels and social media platforms. It is hoped that consumers will soon become fluent in Mowi lingo and inspired to eat MOWI salmon.

The TV ad, created by Scottish creative agency, The Lane Agency, showcases the versatility of MOWI branded Scottish salmon and leaves viewers in no doubt about the pristine environment where the salmon is raised.

The Scoop caught up with Marketing Manager, JoNola: “Following a successful retail introduction of the MOWI range in March, it’s really exciting to be moving to our next phase of marketing support where we increase the awareness and desire for MOWI salmon. We have learnt from other markets like Poland and France who have already successfully launched the MOWI brand and are putting our own special twist on the advertising for the UK audience.

“The idea behind ‘MOWI lingo’ is to introduce consumers to excellent salmon and of course the word‘MOWI’ so we make a very deliberate play on lots of words in the film and have a lot of fun with ‘hungri’ people eating ‘tasti’ salmon with ‘happi’ faces.

In just 30 seconds, we show just how delicious and versatile MOWI salmon is. You see it being flame grilled, panfried, stir fried, barbecued, served with pasta, served in a salad or eaten on a bagel. Focus group testing revealed that consumers felt uplifted after watching it and, importantly, in the mood to eat salmon!”

The advertising is just one element of the multimillion-pound marketing campaign behind the launch of the MOWI brand in the UK, all designed to drive awareness and desire for MOWI and grow category sales.

James Cowan, Head of Sales for Mowi Consumer Products UK, is pleased with how the MOWI brand is performing: “We understand from Sainsbury’s that since the launch, the overall category at Sainsbury’s has grown ahead of the marketplace so it is great that MOWI has played its part in that. We want to bring more consumers into the seafood aisles and get them picking up the fabulous products made at Rosyth from the best salmon in Scotland.”

A big thank you from Jo: “Thank you to our feed and farming colleagues in the west and all the team in Rosyth for getting us to this point. A big thank you to Rosie and the team at Maclean’s Nose and Laga Bay for helping us film the ad, we hope you enjoy the final cut.”

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