Meet Innes MacDonald - MOWI - Scotland

Meet Innes MacDonald

Innes MacDonald

What do you do at Mowi?

I am a farm technician in the Lochboisdale area. I am involved in all aspects of raising our salmon. I take water samples to identify plankton/jellyfish in the water, I feed the fish and take good care of them.

What do you like most about your job?

I like that no two days are the same and I get to meet a range of people from different cultures.

What do you think would surprise people the most about aquaculture?

The amount you have to know. It is a massive industry. Although you can start in this role without a specific qualification, there is a huge spectrum of knowledge required.

What advice would you give someone wishing to make a career in aquaculture?

Go in with an open mind and try to do as many different jobs as possible to expand your knowledge.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest and what salmon dish would you make them?

Tyson Fury and I would get my mum to make us salmon burgers with sweet potato fries.

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