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Highland Primary Transition Programme

In its tenth year of partnership, the latest initiative supported by Mowi and delivered by the Outward Bound Trust, is preparing pupils for the important transition to secondary school.

With assistance from Mowi, 330 pupils from 39 secondary schools from within the Highland Council region will participate in an experience delivered by Outward Bound to prepare pupils for the transition to secondary school.

Outward Bound’s Martin Davidson explains: “Planned transition experiences are a key focus for P7 pupils every year as they aid and enhance young people’s transition to secondary school. The relaxing of restrictions nationally means that young people in Highland can look forward to participating in the exciting Outward Bound experience this year.

“We have partnered with The Highland Council to deliver the Highland Primary Transition programme to ensure that all P7 pupils are well equipped and prepared for this significant transition in their lives. The support of Mowi Scotland means that we can provide funding for all P7 pupils in Mowi’s areas of operation.”

The Highland Primary Transition programme is part of a larger transition programme, tailored to reflect the values of the associated secondary school and support young people as they begin their secondary school journey.

In May and June, pupils will come together in groups of 12 and take part in a session run by the Outward Bound instructors in the primary school’s grounds. It is hoped that the experience will help prepare pupils for what to expect as well as build relationships across the associated primary school groups.

Speaking about the initiative, Ben Hadfield, COO from Mowi said: “We have supported The Outward Bound Trust since 2012 and in that time 1,100 young people in the Highlands have benefitted from the programmes run by the organisation. Our support means that the amazing team at Outward Bound can work with young people and prepare them to deal with whatever challenges may lie ahead. The transition to secondary school is an exciting milestone but can be challenging for some and we are delighted to support the Highland Primary Transition programme to make that process as smooth as possible.”

Cllr John Finlayson, Chair of The Highland Council’s Education Committee, said: “This is a fantastic and exciting programme for our young people in Highland. This project, delivered in partnership with Outward Bound, is not only helping our young people to transition to higher education, the project helps to develop key skills such as problem solving, thinking flexibly and collaborating with others. These are essential skills that our pupils will need as they progress in their learning journey and will benefit them greatly when they are ready to enter the workplace.”


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