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Best ever cycle at Linnhe farms

Staff from our Linnhe division of farms had cause for celebration in July when its farms, Gorsten, Leven and Kingairloch, reported their best ever cycle.

Salmon raised in these four farms had an average harvest live weight of 6.25kg and were given a superior grading of 96%. With an average cycle length of 462 days and a survival rate of 93%, these are impressive results.

All the sites had strong results, with Leven and Kingairloch exceeding the previous highest RGI (growth) levels. Survival levels across all the sites were very good; 96.7% at Leven and 94.9% at Kingairloch. At Gorsten, the average harvest weight was a whopping 6.39kg and salmon achieved a superior grading of 96.77%.

Production Director Roar Paulsen explains: “The teams at our Linnhe division of farms have worked extremely hard looking after the fish in their care and the results speak for themselves. Their proven attention to detail in taking care of and providing the best environment for the fish has been instrumental in their success. Also, the great results can be attributed to the teams’ skill and ability to take the right decisions and actions when biological challenges arise.

“I must also acknowledge the teamwork in our company and congratulate those involved with production of good smolt, and the wider support teams, who helped to achieve these results in the Linnhe system.”

As is now a Mowi tradition, the team celebrated with cake.

Well done to everyone at our Linnhe farms!

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