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Camilla Eslea is a welcome addition to the fleet

Our new thermolicer, officially the highest capacity thermolicer in the world, has already made a positive impact and is a welcome addition to the tools we use as part of our fish welfare programme.

The Camilla Eslea, 35 metres long and 14.3 metres wide and with a deck space of 377m², is now fully operational, serving our sea farms.

Sean Anderson, Deputy Production Director explained: “Everything about the Camilla Eslea is bigger and better. It’s not just the scale of the vessel, which means we can treat more pens more quickly, it’s the level of sophisticated technology incorporated onboard that is transforming our ability to efficiently delouse the salmon in our care.

“For example, there is a high capacity vacuum pumping system which is installed below deck. This helps to create an optimal environment for treating the salmon as it means that the fish handling is very gentle which reduces potential stress for the fish.

“It is also fitted with diesel electric propulsion which also powers the system. It features a heat recovery system on the ship’s engines which is used to help heat the water required for the thermolicer. This means that the vessel uses less energy, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

“It is an extremely welcome addition and complements the myriad of ways we effectively manage sea lice, including cleanerfish and freshwater treatments.”

More about the Camilla Eslea:

  • It can treat larger 160m and 200m pens.
  • It has specially designed dewatering systems to aid the safe removal of cleanerfish from the salmon so that they can be safely returned to the pen.
  • It has a specialist UV filtration system to improve fish health, welfare and biosecurity.
  • It is operated by specialist and skilled technicians with extra focus on fish health and welfare.

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