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RSPCA teams enjoy visit to Mowi’s sites to update their knowledge and see latest innovations

We were pleased to recently host a ‘live’ visit of senior representatives from the RSPCA and RSPCA Assured scheme. While ‘virtual’ audits have been ongoing since the pandemic began, it is certainly nice to meet again face to face.

The visitors toured our Inchmore hatchery and Loch Lochy freshwater sites followed by a tour around our Loch Leven seawater farm. For some of the visitors, it was their first visit to our operations, whilst for others it was an opportunity to update their knowledge of the industry and view some of the latest technologies and innovations that have been implemented.

Mowi’s Technical Director Dougie Hunter commented: “The tour was a good opportunity for us to showcase our sites and explain how we have embedded the principles of fish welfare into our farming operations. We were the first of the larger operators in Scotland to implement the RSPCA Assured scheme (previously called Freedom Food) and it was great to explain how this has aligned with our own developments and ambitions since its inception.

Kate Stronach, Mowi’s Sustainability and Compliance Manager, added: “We appreciated the RSPCA taking the time to hear about our R&D programme, how we strive to continuously improve operations and how animal welfare is at the core of many of these projects.”

Pictured (left to right) are Marc Cooper, Head of Farm Animals RSPCA; Ed Kemp Sloan, Consultant; Emma Slawinski, Director of Advocacy and Policy at RSPCA; Clive Brazier, Chief Executive RSCPA Assured; Malcolm Johnstone, Aquaculture Manager RSPCA Assured; David Smith, Chairman RSPCA Assured; Chris Sherwood, Chief Executive RSPCA; Dougie Hunter, Technical Director Mowi Scotland; Kate Stronach, Sustainability and Compliance Manager Mowi Scotland.

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