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A yurt from a feed pipe

The team at KelpCrofting, a seaweed farming business on the Isle of Skye, wanted to build a storage shed and managed to do so based on the design of a yurt and using materials which were all upcycled.

Mowi gave 2km of plastic feed pipe, 90mm in diameter, which was used to form the walls of the yurt.

Dr Kyla Orr from KelpCrofting explained: “Recycling and minimising waste is really important to us at KelpCrofting, and we are always looking for ways to reuse redundant equipment. We urgently needed storage space for our sprawling collection of ropes, buoys, harvesting equipment and odd bits accumulated as part of the seaweed farming business, but building materials were getting more expensive by the day…so we started to think creatively.

“Construction of our storage shed or ‘yurt’ from old fish farm materials has been one of the most interesting and challenging upcycling projects yet – the end result is a very sturdy and unique structure that we are proud of, and has withstood several ferocious storms! A big thanks also goes to Mowi for donating us their used feed pipe.”

Speaking about the final result, Stephen MacIntyre, Head of Environment at Mowi Scotland, said: “We want to ensure we follow responsible plastic waste management practices and this is great reuse innovation of something that we need to replace periodically. Who would ever have thought that plastic feed pipe could be used as walls?!”

This is just one example of innovative thinking that can move Mowi further towards our stated goals on the use of plastics which includes a specific target that, by 2023, 100% of farming plastic equipment will be reused or recycled.

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