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Blar Mhor achieves highest grade in BRC audit

Congratulations to the team at Blar Mhor who were awarded AA+, the highest possible grade, in a recent unannounced audit undertaken by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

The audit is an official assessment of a food manufacturer’s adherence to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and involves a thorough examination of all processes and documents involved in manufacturing food. Audits are mandatory and manufacturers are notified if the next visit will be announced or unannounced. In this case, the audit was unannounced as Nicola MacColl, Quality Systems Manager, explains:

“On the 2nd of May, after exactly 177 days spent anticipating our unannounced BRC audit, the auditor arrived at 08:30. As soon as my mobile rang, all our preparations kicked in. The Standard requires that we begin with a meeting with factory managers, and then be in production within 30 minutes of the auditor’s arrival. We had pre-prepared emails, meeting notifications, and traceback requests to help things run smoothly.”

This year, team leaders, engineers and quality monitors were given one-to-one training to prepare them on what to expect during the audit. There were also weekly meetings to help risk assess any issues presented by the building work at the facility and to ensure that the whole team was prepared.

Department team leaders were asked to accompany the auditor and Nicola during the walkabout tour of the site. This allowed for more operational details to be provided to the auditor.

Nicola continues: “The BRC auditor had been here twice before, and he was very interested in the presentation of the plant upgrade given by Scott Nolan, Processing Director, and Kris Wilk, Operations Manager.

“This was our first ever unannounced BRC audit and to obtain AA+ grade is a fantastic achievement for everyone involved and working at Blar Mhor, including DFDS, Thistle and Sundolitt staff. Thank you to everyone and keep up the good work.”

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