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Consumer Products UK awarded AA+ for food safety

The BRCGS has awarded Mowi Consumer Products UK (CPUK) in Rosyth an AA+ for food safety following an audit which took place over a 28-hour period at the end of May.

The audit, occurring unannounced, requires operational excellence and preparedness across every department at CPUK including Production, Technical, Hygiene, Procurement, NPD, Facilities, Engineering, Human Resources, Logistics, Training, and Health and Safety.

Mariann Szita-Varga, Technical Compliance Manager at CPUK, explained the process: “When Covid restrictions started to ease we decided to return to the unannounced scheme as that is a standard requirement for our retail customers. Since the audit is unannounced, it is imperative that the site maintains the standards throughout the year. We continuously monitor compliance via our well-established systems, for example, internal auditing. Additionally, when the audit window opens, the Technical department reviews the relevant sections of the Standard with each department and has an audit agenda prepped with all roles, responsibilities and deputies agreed so everything goes as smoothly as possible from the time the auditor arrives on site.”

The audit went well, and the auditor was very impressed with the further expansion of the site at Rosyth from the previous year. Mariann added: “I was very proud to hear the auditor commenting on the competence of all staff and how much she enjoyed talking to them over the couple of days she was there.”

CPUK has now received the AA+ certificate and will soon be registering for the next unannounced BRCGS audit which will be based on the upcoming new BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 due to be launched this month.

Well done, CPUK!

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