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Meet our very own Ironman!

We have our very own ‘Ironman’ here at Mowi Scotland. Massive shout out to Stefano Muscara at Consumer Products UK for completing an Ironman in Frankfurt in June this year. His third Ironman event, Stefano has also completed competitions in Spain (2016) and France (2018).

Ironman events involve swimming, cycling and running and Stefano had to complete a gruelling 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and finally a 26.2 mile run – equivalent to a marathon. That’s a staggering 140.6 miles in total!

Stefano, aged 45, completed the Ironman in 10:19 hours – a personal best for him, placing him in the top 10% of competitors in the 45-50 age category.

Speaking about his training regime to prepare for such a challenging event, Stefano said: “I work 12 hour shifts so when I was working, I trained for one hour after each shift and on my days off, over the last 30 months I trained every day! I never really took a day off. I would go freshwater swimming or for a cycle in the morning and then either run or cycle in the afternoon.

“I wanted to ensure I was in the best shape, so I started training seriously a year before the event but then, of course, Covid hit and the date of the Ironman event in Frankfurt kept changing so my training period was extended to 30 months.”

What made this year’s Ironman extra special was the fact that Stefano’s entire family and close friends were able to come and support him for the first time.

“Having my family there was amazing. I am from Italy and most of my family still live there. Of course, Covid meant that we simply hadn’t been able to meet up in person so seeing my sister at Frankfurt airport was the best thing,” continued Stefano.

Like many athletes, Stefano ensures he includes a lot of protein in his diet: “I eat MOWI salmon every week because of the high omega-3 and protein content. It contains everything I need to train.”

After finishing the competition though, the true Italian came out and Stefano polished off two pizzas and a couple of beers which were richly deserved.

Congratulations, Stefano!

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