Salmon processing continues as Blar Mhor expands - MOWI - Scotland

Salmon processing continues as Blar Mhor expands

Expansion of Mowi’s Blar Mhor salmon processing facility in Fort William is in full swing.

When complete, the upgrade, which includes the installation of state-of-the-art robotic technologies for handling and grading salmon, will enable the facility to process and pack 200 fish per minute, and increase plant capacity to >80,000 tonnes annually.

Staff at Blar Mhor

Greg Riddle, from project manager Northern Light, is pleased with construction progress: “The walls and roof for the new section are up, allowing for work inside to advance before the new equipment is installed. All this is taking place while the plant continues to process and deliver salmon daily, which is very impressive.”

Mowi’s investment in its Blar processing facility will secure the long-term future of the plant in Fort William and incorporates market-leading innovation and technology that will put Mowi at the forefront of salmon processing.

Donald MacIsaac and Greg Riddle in new office space at Blar Mhor

Donald MacIsaac, Mowi’s processing manager, says: “In addition to improving capacity and efficiencies on the processing lines and packaging areas, our engagement with our employees has brought about plans to significantly improve our staff canteen and lounge facilities.

“Our new office space will be accessible by elevator, enabling new career opportunities to prospective employees with mobility challenges.”

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