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Mowi ranked top sustainable protein producer again

Mowi has been ranked the top sustainable protein producer in the world for the fourth year running by the respected Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, published in December.

The Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index assesses the sustainability performance of 60 of the largest publicly listed animal protein producers on ten environmental, social and governance themes aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mowi retained the top spot and, in the 2022 edition of the Coller FAIRR Index, was subject to two new assessments. For the first time, aquaculture companies were assessed on waste and pollution and water use and scarcity, of which they were found to perform better than land-based protein producers.

On waste and pollution, aquaculture companies earned an average score of 21% – compared to 13% for their land-based counterparts and in water use and scarcity, aquaculture companies earned an average score of 23% – compared to 13% for their land-based counterparts. Mowi was called out as being the only aquaculture company to ask its feed suppliers to complete a water risk assessment and to have a target for reducing water use.

Speaking about Mowi’s ranking on the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, CEO Ivan Vindheim said: “This shows again that Mowi is at the forefront of sustainable food production. I am proud and humbled to lead an organisation that is a recognised leader in sustainable food production.”

Chief Sustainability and Technology Officer, Catarina Martins, added: “Our ultimate goal is to unlock the potential of the ocean to produce more food for a growing world population in a way that respects our planet, so we are extremely proud to be named the most sustainable protein producer and see our hard work recognised once again.”

Meat and dairy industry failing to manage biodiversity impacts

Speaking about the findings from the 2022 Coller FAIRR Index, Jeremy Coller, Chair of FAIRR initiative and CIO of Coller Capital, said: “From rainforests to rivers, meat and dairy producers are failing to manage their biodiversity impacts. Industrial animal agriculture is the number one cause of deforestation and the number one user of fresh water globally. Investors are focused on material financial risks for companies, and a global agreement on nature at COP15 would see the intensive animal agriculture industry face increased regulatory, legal, tax and reputational risks.

“Change is possible. The industry appears to be open to it. And with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations making a significant announcement at COP27, committing to develop an agricultural roadmap to 1.5C by COP28, we can be confident this trend will continue to gain momentum as companies adapt to the inevitable transition to a more sustainable food system.”

About the Coller FAIRR Index

The Index is designed to provide financial institutions with best-in-class data, analytics and trends on the protein sector to integrate into their investment decisions and engagement strategies and is positively shaping trends in global protein market, by shedding light on where corporate policy or disclosure is behind the curve. It has become the go-to resource for investors to assess how well key suppliers in the food chain are managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks:

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Deforestation & biodiversity
  3. Water use & scarcity
  4. Waste & pollution
  5. Antibiotics
  6. Working conditions
  7. Animal welfare
  8. Food safety
  9. Governance
  10. Sustainable proteins

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