Sharing knowledge across the Atlantic - MOWI - Scotland

Sharing knowledge across the Atlantic

Samantha Hartley, Luke Canavan and Brad Cooke leaving Halifax Airport (Canada) for Scotland

Mowi employees from eastern Canada, Scotland and Norway are creating important links between the regions, with knowledge sharing occurring within several areas of the value chain.

Mowi employees from Finance, Freshwater and Seawater Production, Operations, Feed and Support Services have had, over the past several months, face-to-face opportunities to share regional knowledge and global best practices.

Mowi maintains an international mobility policy to help maximise the skills and expertise of its staff and to also support career advancement. The mobility assignments may include short-term shifts or longer-term positions.

While production of salmon feeds at Kyleakin, Scotland, had been temporarily reduced due to a combination of seasonal variability (salmon eat less in cold water), Brexit consequences and higher energy costs, several employees from Scotland have taken the opportunity for work experience at Mowi’s feed plant in Valsneset, Norway. Feed staff in Scotland have also visited other parts of the value chain, including farms and hatcheries.

Scotland Support teams have recently visited Canada East to help integrate Mowi’s global systems.

This past month, Scotland’s farming team has welcomed seven employees from New Brunswick and Newfoundland (Canada East). The members have spent several weeks working on farms and vessels, providing each an immersive opportunity to learn new procedures and also share experiences.

Luke Canavan, Assistant Farm Manager at Mowi Canada East, was one to be given the opportunity to visit Scotland’s farming operations last month, and said: “We are exceedingly excited for our adventure, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will not only be a valuable learning tool, but also an experience we will not soon forget.”

When returning home, the Canadian teams will be presenting their learnings to their regional colleagues.

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