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Open Day explores harbour proposal at Carradale

Scott Campbell, Farmer, Carradale

The team at Mowi’s salmon farm in Carradale was excited to host an ‘Open Day’ at the Carradale Village Hall on Saturday April 1st to receive feedback on a proposal to reinvigorate the local harbour.

Mowi has recently announced its proposal to invest in Carradale Harbour, to help breathe new life into the historic location and help service growing business interest.

Farm managers Warren Harvey and Malcolm Henderson continue to explore ideas with locals about the harbour redevelopment, as it has provided a vital link for the farm and local community for the past 12 years.

The Carradale farm team of 12 consists mainly of ex-fishermen with decades of local knowledge of Kilbrannan Sound. Ex-military and tradesmen add other key skills, and the remaining team members have years of knowledge in the marine and aquaculture sectors.

Single-year classes of salmon are raised at the farm for almost two years, with the farm’s most recent crop yielding nearly 6,000 tonnes of fresh salmon – equivalent to 38 million meals – for growing markets in the UK and abroad.

While producing top-quality food is key to the company’s success, the farm has also contributed greatly to the local and national economy, as Malcolm explains:

“Since 2012, the business activities at our Carradale farm have generated more than £8 million in direct wages. When you also add in the additional jobs created in support services, taxes, and community support, a single farm has an impressive positive impact on the economy.”

Artist’s impression of the proposed Carradale Harbour development

The company’s 2022 annual report, released last month, notes that Mowi Scotland provided £650,000 to more than 130 community initiatives that include sports clubs, charities and events, schools and wild fish conservation groups.

To be able to supply salmon to growing domestic and international markets, Mowi also has an application underway to secure an additional farm in North Kilbrannan Sound, which will add 10 direct jobs for the area and increase supply chain activity in the region.

Speaking of the proposed developments, Mowi Scotland’s COO Ben Hadfield says: “Our salmon farm at Carradale has been a successful site for many years, enjoying strong community support even during our most challenging periods. We are very grateful for this, and therefore want to expand our business in a way that not only benefits our company, but also for Carradale and the neighbouring communities.

“As well as improving a vital amenity for locals, and setting the tone for further community development, we hope the regeneration would help reinvigorate the high energy Carradale Harbour has experienced throughout its history.”

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