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MOWI UK launches new range into ready-to-cook category

The MOWI salmon brand has expanded into a new category – the ready-to-cook, added-value sector with the launch of MOWI Bistro Bakes. A range of four salmon recipes ready to go into the oven are now available in various UK retailers, including Sainsbury’s and Asda stores nationwide.

With Scottish ASC certified salmon at centre stage, the MOWI chefs have come up with differentiated recipes that take the hard work out of preparing delicious meals for a special occasion. This will appeal to consumers who are feeling the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis and are therefore looking to recreate a restaurant experience at home as part of a special night in with partners or friends.

In fact, research from the brand found that Britain is now a nation of frustrated home cooks as 50% of us dine out less often than before the cost-of-living crisis, leading 71% of Brits to follow recipes in a bid to cook the perfect meal. Unfortunately, 70% are disappointed with their efforts.

Speaking about the launch, Robin Brown, Head of Development at Mowi Consumer Products UK, said: “Our research shows that the cost-of-living crisis is continuing to hit households. With half of us unable to dine out as often as before, and nearly three-quarters of us feeling disappointed by our efforts following new recipes, I think there is an opportunity to make fine dining at home a little easier for people wanting a special meal.

“That’s why we’re launching MOWI Bistro Bakes; a range of oven-ready chilled meals showcasing the best of Scottish salmon, that can be cooked to perfection by anyone in less than half an hour. Nobody wants to spend ages in the kitchen only to be left disappointed so we’re making it simple. We are making the sauces by hand, we are preparing the puff pastry, salmon, toppings and ingredients so it is literally oven-ready with the perfect balance of seasoning and flavours. It’s a restaurant-inspired meal created by MOWI chefs but without the restaurant price tag. With an entry point from just £4.50, I can’t wait to bring smiles to dining tables across the country.”

The MOWI Bistro Bakes range of products includes:

Salmon Pastries: Succulent Scottish salmon pieces on a rich red pepper mousse and a burst of sweet roasted tomatoes, nestled on light puff pastry. Serves two, oven bake for 25 minutes.

Salmon & Cheese Melts: Lightly smoked Scottish salmon rounds with a soft cheese and lemon melt, finished with a parsley and golden crumb crunch. Serves two, oven bake for 25 minutes.

Salmon & Spicy Tomato Bake: Pieces of Scottish salmon mixed with chickpeas and black beans, complemented with fresh spinach and a burst of sweetness from roasted piquillo peppers, all in a handmade spicy tomato sauce. Serves two, oven bake for 35 minutes.

Zesty Salmon Roasting Joint: Prime Scottish salmon joint with a lemon marinade, topped with zest and parsley and seasoned to perfection. Serves four, oven bake for 28 minutes.

The launch of MOWI Bistro Bakes will be supported with digital advertising, point of sale and other incentives to encourage consumer trial.

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