Wellboat review - MOWI - Scotland

Wellboat review

Since Ocean Matters was founded in 2015, lumpfish have been transported by lorry to salmon sites in Scotland, Ireland and even to the Faroe Islands. The typical load per trip usually allows for between three or four pens to be stocked.

By contrast, all Mowi sites in Norway are stocked with cleanerfish via wellboat. The UK had never used wellboats to transport lumpfish before so staff from Ocean Matters visited Norway in January to understand how this transport method could be used in Scotland this year.

The project has led to many successful wellboat transfers at our Scottish sites and led to a significant reduction in road miles with transport lorries and also greatly improved the stocking efficiencies at receiving sites.

Wellboats will hopefully become the standard moving forward for all our cleanerfish transfers.

Speaking about the use of wellboats to transfer cleanerfish, Harry Tugwell, Lumpfish Production and Cleanerfish Transfer Manager, said: “These transfers are a huge gain to our deployments of cleanerfish in the UK and will hopefully lead to even better lice control at these sites.

“These transfers have only been successful due to the hard work and commitment from the teams in our cleanerfish hatcheries. I would like to thank them and congratulate them on these achievements.”

Douglas Hunter, Technical Director at Mowi Scotland and Managing Director at Ocean Matters Ltd and Dorset Cleanerfish Ltd, added: “It’s great to see the cleanerfish teams constantly innovating throughout the production and deployment stages so well done to everyone involved in making this happen.”

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