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Exciting new MOWI products land in Asda

MOWI has extended its ready-to-cook Bistro range in Asda.

The Bistro range aims to take the hard work out of preparing delicious meals for a special occasion and the new MOWI Bistro Scottish Salmon Fillets with Lemon & Herb Butter fits that bill. The prime Scottish salmon fillets are first infused with lemon oil, and paired with an indulgent lemon and herb butter, topped with a bay leaf for aroma and stylish presentation.

After a successful summer last year, Bistro Scottish Salmon Pastries has also been reintroduced in Asda. The pastries are made of generous Scottish salmon pieces nestled on a flaky puff pastry, with a rich red pepper mousse and roasted tomatoes to complement the salmon.

“We are really pleased with the products we have developed for the MOWI Bistro range,” said Robin Brown, Head of Development at Mowi Consumer Products UK. “Salmon is such a versatile fish but not everyone has the confidence or the time to prepare it. We’re taking the hassle out of it and for many it will become a cost-effective way of spending a special night in.”

The range has been expanded after research from Kantar showed that 60% of the Bistro range sales were incremental to retailers, by attracting new consumers or increasing frequency of purchase from existing customers.

Elsewhere, MOWI has also launched Ready-to-Eat BBQ Slow Roasted Scottish Salmon Fillets to go alongside its ready to eat Piri Piri fillets.

The new BBQ fillets are marinated in smoked paprika, chipotle and cayenne peppers, smoked over oak then slow roasted for maximum taste and were designed for a mid-week meal or easy lunch.

“Since we launched the MOWI brand in 2021, our aim has been to grow the overall salmon category. The launch of MOWI Bistro and BBQ gives consumers new meal options and therefore another reason to buy fish, further boosting category growth,” said Brown.

The three new products are now available in Asda stores nationwide and online.

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