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Salmon Scotland’s Tavish Scott joins Mowi as apprentice for a day

Tavish Scott and Sean Conachan

Mowi Scotland recently welcomed trade body Salmon Scotland’s chief executive, Tavish Scott, as a new apprentice, just for the day.

As part of Scotland Food & Drink’s ‘Apprentice for a day’ series for Feeding Workforce Skills, Tavish partnered with Mowi to experience a day as an apprentice at the Croabh Haven salmon farm near Oban, Argyll, shadowing colleagues Sean Conachan and Rebecca Burns.

During his visit, Tavish worked closely with Sean, an Assistant Manager at Kilbrannan, who himself advanced through Mowi’s apprenticeship scheme. Sean began his career as a farm technician and progressed after completing an SVQ in aquaculture. Showing Tavish the ropes, he highlighted various aspects of fish health management, emphasising the importance of regular inspections and how to carry out fish health and gill checks.

With technology playing an increasingly important role, Tavish also met Rebecca, a feed technician at Croabh Haven. Rebecca is currently undertaking a level 3 SVQ in aquaculture and demonstrated the use of underwater cameras to monitor fish behaviour and track their feeding patterns. Rebecca’s work in her apprenticeship has allowed her to experience various aspects of the sector, encouraging her to think about the broader operations involved in salmon farming and advance her career within the aquaculture sector.

Commenting on his time as an apprentice for a day with Mowi, Tavish said: “We need more people coming to work in the Scottish salmon sector and that’s why apprenticeships are so important for our future. It’s why our companies like Mowi spend time and make great commitments to bringing new people into the industry, no matter what their background is or what stage of life they’re at.”

The day demonstrated the substantial impact apprenticeships have on both personal and professional development. By offering practical, work-based learning that leads to industry-recognised qualifications, apprenticeships equip individuals with essential skills for career progression.

The experiences of Sean and Rebecca exemplify how investing in apprenticeships can unlock new opportunities for individuals and play a crucial role in the future success of the sector.

Check out a video from the day here.

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