Donations - MOWI - Scotland


Financial donation

We welcome applications for Mowi to provide financial donations to charities, community groups, sports clubs and organisations working with young people in the communities in which we operate.

Over the years Mowi has supported everything from new strips for football clubs, new shirts for a bowling club, a new floor canvas for a boxing club to train, waterproof clothing for nurseries, a rescue operation for shearwaters (a long-winged seabird), and Blood Bikes.

Unfortunately, we cannot support every application but we do consider each application carefully before reaching a decision. Sometimes, if we are unable to provide a financial donation we might be able to offer support in other ways such as donating salmon or you might consider applying for the Mowi Salmon Wagon to attend a fundraising event.

Fish donations

A whole Scottish salmon is a premium product and, over the years, Mowi has donated salmon to community groups across the Highlands and Islands. Whether used as a raffle prize or as the main ingredient for a meal at a community event such as a lunch club for senior citizens or as part of the ticket price in a fundraising event, it is always a crowd pleaser.

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