Shinty - MOWI - Scotland


We are proud to partner with the Camanachd Association and to support Scotland’s iconic sport of shinty.

Shinty is a cornerstone of many of the communities in which we operate and we are extremely proud to have supported this iconic sport for almost 40 years.

In 2023, we renewed our sponsorship agreement, which runs until 2026, and covers senior league competitions; youth leagues; Mowi National Shinty Awards; the recently revitalised Mowi Shinty Hurling International; as well as the Mowi Youth Development Fund, Area Development Grant and the newly sponsored Disability Festival.

Recognising the importance of health and safety in the game, we have made a significant investment to subsidise the cost of helmets, making them more affordable and accessible to players.

The future of shinty is reliant on having a steady stream of players coming through. This starts at school. By providing employment opportunities, Mowi is making it possible for families to live, work and attend school in rural parts of Scotland, keeping shinty alive for future generations.

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