Working with the WWF - Mowi Canada East Atlantic Salmon Farming

Working with the WWF

Impact on the environment is a key concern in all Mowi’s activities. Since 2008, Mowi has worked with the WWF-Norway to strengthen its focus on sustainable aquaculture and to help shape and improve the whole industry’s environmental standards. Mowi is committed to engage in a process with WWF-Norway to substantially improve corporate stewardship of the environment and thereby support WWF-Norway‘s mission and goal of transforming markets, institutions and policies to reduce threats to the diversity of life on earth.

Included in the agreement between Mowi and WWF-Norway are commitments, ambitions, activities and key performance indicators regarding the potential environmental impact from:

  • Genetic interaction between escaped farmed salmon and wild Atlantic salmon
  • Discharges from freshwater and seawater farming
  • Potential impacts on wild salmon from diseases and sea lice on farmed salmon
  • Sourcing of marine and vegetable raw materials for salmon feed

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