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Mowi Women in Aquaculture

An inspirational, educational networking event. 

That’s how some of the 90 attendees at the second Mowi Women in Aquaculture event held September 20 at the Oyster Bay Resort summed it up. 

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Nadine Gibbs, the company’s Canadian Sales Representative, says “As most of us are spread out within Mowi Canada West, this was a great opportunity for knowledge sharing and addressing the added challenges we face as Women working in aquaculture. With a great mix of individuals present, it allowed newer employees to see opportunity within MCW and the strong leadership we currently have,” 

Mowi Canada West  Managing Director Dr. Diane Morrison spoke briefly about her journey in aquaculture, her hopes to attract and retain more women to the industry, and urged women to build a strong pose of their own.  “I was overwhelmed to see such a large group of women attending the second Mowi Women in Aquaculture event. It’s important for our women to have an opportunity to meet and network with their female colleagues. A special thanks to the organizing committee for such an empowering and inspirational day. Aquaculture is a dynamic industry which provides many different career opportunities for men and women alike.” 

Shylo Loock, Human Resources Generalist for Mowi Canada West, gleaned two main points from the event. “It was inspiration to hear stories of women who are moving into leadership positions in the company,” she says. “It gives hope to those that want to stay long term in Aquaculture and want to be able to move up within the company during their career. “Second, it was also an awesome way to network with other women in the industry so that stronger support systems are formed. I felt by hosting the event, Mowi sent a strong message of being supportive of the unique challenges that women may face during their career at our company that we really are working towards being more inclusive and supporting diversity.” 

“I felt empowered being among such great women” – Michelle Larochelle 

“I think it’s great that we have a company that supports women in a leadership role” – Stephaney Van Acken 

“I felt inspired by the stories” – Emily DeDominicis 

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