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Mowi Helps The Show Go On At Gate House Theatre

PORT McNEILL – “The show must go on” is a familiar refrain at any theatre. 

The Gate House Theatre in Port McNeill is no different, as the facility has become the centre of the North Island’s arts community. Gord Oppen, a member of the Theatre’s Board of Directors and Technical Director, makes it clear that the support of Mowi has been instrumental in the facility’s success. 

Gord Oppen of the Gate House Theatre in Port McNeill
Gord Oppen of the Gate House Theatre in Port McNeill

Mowi has been a supportive partner of the Gate House Theatre from the very beginning, and helped us obtain our current large screen projector,” Gord says. “Over this past Christmas season, we were fortunate to host ‘Movie night with Mowi’, as all ticket costs were donated by Mowi.  

“It was well received and much appreciated,” he notes, adding the North Island has been subjected to a protracted labour dispute in the forestry sector. “These family nights at the movies came at exactly the right time.”  

Terry Ruth Eissfeldt started the theatre in 2011, and it serves a population of approximately 12,000 North Island residents, delivering several stage productions throughout the year, as well as dance recitals and a second release movie weekly.  

All the seats and the lobby were updated last year, and handicap and accessibility upgrades were made to allow for wheelchair access and washrooms. Oppen says Mowi has been a valued partner in helping the theatre, a non-profit society, expand its contribution to the community. 

This past summer we partnered with Mowi to deliver the Mowi salmon barbecue during our annual Orcafest Festival,” he says. “The proceeds of that event went directly to our renovations and played a critical part in getting all upgrades completed. 

Oppen knows the Theatre is well received. 

Our youth programs help promote an opportunity for children of all ages to get their first taste of acting and performing,” he says. For many, it is a liberating and empowering opportunity to express themselves in a way that only a local theatre can provide. 

“We are exceedingly proud of what we have accomplished with dedicated volunteers and the generous support of our local business leaders like Mowi.” 

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