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Badinotti Helps Keep Mowi Nets Clean

Submersible cleaning technology utilized by Badinotti Net Services Canada (BNSC) is producing impressive net results for Mowi Canada West. 

Badinotti team members Trevor Schiele, left, and Simon Proctor
Badinotti team members Trevor Schiele, left, and Simon Proctor

Simon Proctor, General Manager of BNSC, whose North American head office is based in Campbell River, says the company’s on-site washing services utilizes a fleet of vessels and crews that use stateoftheart cleaning equipment such as Manta, capable of being remotely operated under water by pilots on board ship.   

These state-of-the-art submersible cleaners can be flown like an underwater aeroplane and clean the nets by hovering over particular areas of the nets,” Proctor explains. “Using their many waterjet nozzles, they displace the debris on the nets without actually coming in contact with it. 

Badinotti is an international company that has been in business for almost 110 years, and remains under the leadership and ownership of the descendants of Giovanni Badinotti, who started the company.  Headquarters are in Milan, Italy, with manufacturing plants and offices in Puerto Montt, Chile, Lima, Peru, and Slovakia. The firm has net lofts north of Campbell River and in Port Hardy.  

Several BNSC employees developed the on-land and on-site washing programs, and many are still with BNSC, including Director of Land Operations Dave Hall and Director of Sea Operations Trevor Schiele. 

“Both gentlemen played key roles in their respective areas and its development, and we are very proud of their contributions and ongoing roles at Badinotti. We are also proud of the rest of our team,” Proctor states. 

In addition to the on-site washing, our net loft facility in Port Hardy receives Mowi nets and washes and disinfects them before commencing any repair they might need,” Proctor adds. “The nets are then packaged and returned, ready for the next group of fish.” 

He notes that servicing nets on land requires a specialized skill set and knowledge base to ensure nets that weigh tonnes and are big enough to cover a soccer field, are moved, cleaned, and repaired with precision and without damage.” 

BNSC has become an expert at integrating equipment into one cohesive technology to make operations faster, better, more efficient, and sustainable. Some of the equipment they use in their on-site washing reduces the wear and tear on their customers nets.  

This prolongs the nets life, which improves the return on investment on our customers investment in nets, as well helping to assure the containment of their nets precious cargo,” he adds. 

The on-site washing program’s success is due to a total team effort, including highly trained technical personnel who maintain the boats and the cleaning equipment, the crews who operate the boats and the Mantas, as well as the support staff who arrange the schedules, the fuel re-supply, rations, and land transport.   

It also includes the fantastic support we get from Mowi staff at the fish farms as well as the Mowi offices in Campbell River and Port Hardy,” Proctor addsIt’s a big job and we are proud of our association with customers like Mowi. 

BNSC employs 130 people from Campbell River to Port Hardy. 

“They are proud of their work, helping to support a vibrant, growing and sustainable aquaculture industry in the North Island, which in turn helps support their families, local businesses, and communities,” Proctor notes. 

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