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Innovative Dolly System Reduces Heavy Lifting

Well, hello, dolly. It’s so nice to see you back where you belong. 

That phrase from an old, old song could fit well today at Mowi Canada West where Fresh Water Transport Manager Andrew Riley has implemented a system of wheeled dollies to help employees move heavy, six-inch hose around when transporting smolts. 

Transfer hose and DollyI am always looking for ways to make things easier and more efficient, and therefore cut down on the chance of injuries as well,” Riley saysI had identified how difficult it was to drag the six-inch hose around, especially after we wrapped it in net. It was a lot of work and constantly wearing holes in our protective net sock.  

I suggested trying a dolly under the hose so we bought a pair, and it worked so well that we bought another set. One person can now easily move the hose around – although we still use two people – whereas before we needed two people and it was a struggle to move the hose.” 

The new dolly program has made wharf work much easier and less dangerous, decreasing chances of back injury from pulling the heavy hose around and slipping. 

I think it is a really simple, helpful idea that could be applied at a few of our hatchery sites as well,” he says. 

Riley, based out of the Campbell River office, is responsible for the movement of fish from hatchery to sea, and from hatchery to hatchery. 

He has been with the company since 1994, starting as a fish tech on sea sites before moving up to Assistant Manager and eventually Site Manager. 

When the company started its own Brood program, Riley was heavily involved and he became Broodstock Manager for a number of years. Mowi merged with Stolt Sea Farm in 2005 and he has been with the company ever since. 

The dolly program is one of the innovations he has introduced to the company. 

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