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iAuditor Helps Monitor, Protect Employees During Pandemic

Health and Safety Advisor Dan Pattison uses his phone to conduct a site audit

Dan Pattison has found a new ally to help audit Mowi Canada West employee movements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

iAuditor, an inspection app created by Safety Culture Group that is used 50,000 times a day in 80 countries throughout the world, was enlisted by Pattison, a Health and Safety Advisor, to help the company keep track of workers and maintain their safety.

“It is a simple, free app that allows us to customize our audit and share the information fairly seamlessly,” Pattison says.

The audit is made up of subsections that address documentation, pre-arrival plans, on site orientations, and observations of each site. In its completion, sites will be outfitted with the information, visual aids, and a safety plan that allows for the safe arrival and operations of support staff.

“Mowi has always strived to embrace change and be a safe company,” he notes. “As WorkSafeBC begins to make their rounds and ensure businesses have taken the right steps to safeguard their employees, we have identified tools, an audit team, and a process to meet the requirements as early as possible, rising to the challenge and confirming support staff visiting sites do not put our essential workers or themselves at risk.”

For the past three months, Pattison states  that Mowi has taken a lot of drastic steps to ensure the safety of essential workers, and no one was able to access sites except key personnel.

“Now that restrictions are being lifted and more people can return to the field to support our workers, our government authorities have placed some rules and guidelines that we immediately used to create an audit process, ensuring our remote sites have the highest known standards to operate in the safest manner,” he adds.

Auditing a company as large as Mowi has some serious challenges, and iAuditor has helped the audit team significantly.

“What I found that I liked about iAuditor is its ability to craft comprehensive audits that allow the addition of time stamps, photos, and several options for formation that can make for a very nice looking and easy to use checklist,” Pattison says. “A designed audit can then be shared publicly or privately, giving access to multiple users. Once downloaded in their app, the audits can be done offline, which is important given the remote nature of our sites. Once back online, the auditor can forward the completed document to our department.”

The iAudit program has allowed Mowi to utilize a shared tool that walks others through the process, allowing for building a large team of auditors to get the job done faster.

“This process confirms that staff have a safe site to operate in while we face a global pandemic, so there is a very real and urgent need to verify these processes are in place immediately without relaxing on our standards,” he adds. “Ultimately, it was our Management team, Supervisors, and some key JHSC representatives that have risen to the occasion to help us get the job done and support our essential staff who have been operating in relatively uncharted waters until now.

“With the addition of the iAuditor tool, we have simplified the process to support our auditing team. It is our teamwork and dedication to our safety culture that drives the process, and the iAuditor makes it easier and bridges some communication gaps.”

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