Pandemic restrictions no barrier to new starts - Mowi - Canada West

Pandemic restrictions no barrier to new starts

Sandi Huynh, Water Quality Assistant Manager for Mowi Canada West

Sandi Huynh started her job as Water Quality Assistant Manager for Mowi Canada West during the pandemic during mid-March, and she has hit the ground running.

“Starting with Mowi during a pandemic has been strange,” she allows. “I did get to visit the Klemtu area on my second day on the job, which was amazing. The crew up there were great and so welcoming, answering all my questions and showing me around.

“I’m currently working from home so I have moved our lab into my living room which has been an adjustment but enjoying it nonetheless,” she notes, adding she works with Bogdan Vornicu based in Campbell River. “Everyone is willing to help out because I am new to the company, and lots of people have offered a helping hand or pointed me in the right direction, even if I’m directing an email to the wrong area. It’s been a really encouraging start.”

Prior to joining Mowi, she worked in the Environmental and Agriculture Department at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia.

“My role at the university was in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching/training, mainly of laboratory analysis and field work and at times with theoretical content,” she explains.

In Campbell River, her role is to act as water quality support to each of the farm sites, offering advice on the environmental conditions of the water and to help in research and development.

“We’ve recently rolled out our new multi parameter sensors to the majority of our production areas,” she states. “The probes measure temperature, dissolved oxygen and salinity, and are able to measure at depths up to 20 metres, which will help with our environmental monitoring program to make our measurements more consistent and streamlined.”

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