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Kwa’lilas Hotel: A Home Away From Home For Mowi

Port Hardy’s Kwa’lilas Hotel is a popular meeting place for Port Hardy

The Kwa’lilas Hotel in Port Hardy

residents and visitors, including Mowi Canada West team members, for meetings and overnight accommodation.

The Kwa’lilas Hotel, Port Hardy’s premier First Nations destination hotel offers 85 guest rooms and a curated selection of authentic local Indigenous arts and culture.

Kwa’lilas is a Kwak’wala word used by the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw people, meaning “a place to sleep”. A group of Elders chose this word in hopes that travelers and guests would find a peaceful rest after a day of exploration on the Northern Vancouver Island.

“Mowi’s partnership plays a strong role in solving some of the community’s biggest employment and development challenges,” says Acting General Manager Enrique Toledo. “Generosity is part of what makes us human, and nearly all organizations have strong traditions of giving and caring for their communities. But at every level of wealth, individuals face common yet broad decisions about giving.

“We believe that when people have the right tools, information, and inspiration, they will give more and give well. Our relationship transcends the basic needs of rooms, events environments, catering and transactional activities.”

Toledo points out that at the hotel level, the Kwa’lilas is committed to providing a memorable experience using their three step model: Legendary attention to detail, Being guest-centred, and Exceeding guest expectations.

“Our culinary approach provides nourishment for body, soul, and spirit,” he says, noting the property’s attention to detail. “Made from seasonal harvests and ingredients, our food is fresh, flavourful, and inspired. We merge rich culinary skills with the bounty and beauty of Port Hardy to satisfy appetites and cultivate tastes never craved.”

In regards to being guest-centered, he adds, “With such an unparalleled building and setting, it would be very easy to simply bring people to the property and let the art decor take care of everything else. Most of our guests would be very satisfied, but we do not do that. Our staff are incredibly competent, professional, and attentive, and important to our community narrative. We are committed to providing magical experiences.”

The Hotel is known for exceeding the expectations of guests.

“The Kwa’lilas Hotel is dedicated to the path towards sustainable tourism because it is the right thing to do,” he states. “We are committed to maintaining the highest environmental practices while delivering value to our guests, a safe workplace for our employees, and a lasting legacy for our families and community.”

The Kwa’lilas Hotel has been nominated for several awards, including the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board Commercial Building Awards, and the Grant Thornton LLP Vancouver Island Business Excellence Awards. It was built by the k’awat’si Construction Company, under the umbrella of the k’awat’si Economic Development Corporation (KEDC), which was formed in 2014.

The building makes extensive use of local cedar and the design is meant to resemble the traditional big house style with a smoke hole at the top of the building. Traditionally, when visitors see smoke coming from a big house, it means welcome.

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