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DATS Inspection Module Making Input Simpler

DATS Administrator Joy Stowe

Mowi Canada West has just completed implementing a new Inspection Module for DATS (Digital Access Tracking System), the latest addition to the company’s Health & Safety training system.

Health and Safety Advisor Dan Pattison notes the project is part of an initiative to streamline Mowi’s safety reporting process, enhance the ability to track and complete safety actions, improve communications and transition to a modern paperless system.

“DATS has been instrumental in our awareness level training and retention of certification records for many years,” he notes. “In the last couple years, we have implemented an incident reporting process, safety meeting process and emergency drill process into it. It allows a high level of automatic communication and interaction as reports are created, as they generate tasks which can then be followed up on by their respective departments.

“It also allows for simple sharing of information and multiple employees can comment and cooperate remotely on reports. The DATS system allows managers at all levels to stay in the loop when it comes to safety concerns and the actions being taken to address them in a timely fashion.”

Complaints have been few, but some claim it isn’t as user friendly as it could be. The new Inspection System is a bit different, as it is a much simpler module to use.

“Essentially, when a safety inspection is due, it populates a notice (in the form of a red dot) on the users DATS dashboard. By clicking on it, the report is opened,” Pattison explains. “A user can simply check off the prescriptive boxes, submit the form and call it a day.

“Actions are created automatically and everyone involved gets notifications that the report has been completed and what actions are needed in response to deficiencies. It streamlines a process and makes it extremely simple for even the most inexperienced DATS user, which is something I think everyone will appreciate.“

“The web based system has encouraged individual participation in completion of training and advancing in technician levels,” notes DATS Administrator Joy Stowe. “Everyone wants to have their dots changed from Red to Green now, so it’s motivational. It’s very easy for managers to see where their employees need more focus. It’s now much easier to ensure that the most up-to-date Standard Operating Procedures are communicated to everyone.”

“The best thing about the new Inspection Module is the automatic creation of a task for any deficient items. Any deficiency noted in the paper form system could get overlooked from one month to the next, so this keeps it visual.”

Mowi’s DATS journey started in 2012, coordinated by Occupational Health and Safety Manager Blaine Tremblay who along with Joy developed the initial documentation with support  from the DATS company.

“The Digital Access Tracking System developers have an excellent team who help employers design a system that works for their specific purposes,” states Stowe. “Ours was initially set up to track training and competencies of employees. Competency is important to us. We’ve added Meetings, Drills, Investigations and now Inspections.”

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