Mowi Safety Week is coming! October 26-30 - Mowi - Canada West

Mowi Safety Week is coming! October 26-30

We are ONE Mowi.

The safety of every single person at Mowi is our number one priority all year round. It’s something that is everyone’s responsibility and it requires daily focus, training and practice from all of our teams. We want to use our first Safety Week, running from October 26-30, to re-focus on what we can all do to make Mowi as safe a workplace as possible.

During Mowi Safety Week, we’ll launch our new Mowi Safety Policy, along with an instruction guide book, toolkit and helpful links for people to sign-up for virtual training, access resource materials for site activities, quizzes and much more to allow everyone to be interactive and get involved.

This Global Safety Week will be our latest “One Mowi” Health and Safety support initiative that will help align everyone together in our Health and Safety commitment to people and operational excellence. Mowi Connect will be a key resource during Safety Week and we encourage all sites to review daily for new content releases.

Our global health and safety team collaborated and together, decided this would be an excellent opportunity for ‘One Mowi’ to share our experiences, successes, lessons learned, align our safety strategies, best practices and new initiatives in a week-long campaign together.

This will promote global safety sharing to a new and exciting level!

During safety week, everyone can expect to see the following:

  • Leadership health and safety introduction by our Chief Human Resources Officer at Mowi ASA
  • Health and safety media experiences
  • Posters and other supporting worksite culture materials
  • Online safety trivia games
  • One point lesson activities
  • Guest presenters
  • Testimonial competition
  • BrainSafe workshop activities
  • Red Zone campaign
  • Much more…


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