Diversity Day - Mowi - Canada West

Diversity Day

Mowi marked Diversity Day all around the world on October 1st. The first ever day dedicated to recognizing diversity and inclusion at Mowi, it was a chance to open up discussions about workplace diversity, unconscious bias and how we collaborate and communicate as One Mowi.

Lots of activities took place across the company and here in Canada West, our Surrey Processing Plant also took the opportunity to focus on diversity and inclusion.

Rupinder Dadwan, Human Resources and Safety Manager at the Surrey Processing Plant, explained: “This year, Mowi Diversity Day provided an opportunity to talk about diversity at the workplace and how we work together and communicate as One Mowi. We talked about our global goals on diversity and inclusion and hosted a Diversity & Inclusion toolbox and trivia session. As an organization we are currently engaging all business units across the world so we can together collectively achieve our global goals and initiatives.”

Global goals

In terms of gender diversity, by the end of 2020, Mowi had 25.4% female leaders while the overall gender ratio was 40.2 % female versus 59.8 % male. Mowi’s diversity goal is for 30% of females to be in management and to account for 50% of the total workforce by 2025.

Focus on Surrey

At the Surrey processing plant, gender diversity is even more encouraging with 56% females and 44% males. Jobs have been automated and designed to limit extenuating lifting and movements.

We will continue to work towards achieving our diversity goals across Canada West.

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