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Decade for BAP

In keeping with Mowi’s global commitment to have 100% of the harvested volume certified by at least one Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI)-recognised standard, the Mowi team in British Columbia continues to deliver.

Branding itself ‘the most comprehensive end-to-end aquaculture certification’, Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) has been the certification scheme most requested by key customers of Mowi Canada West for the past ten years.

Since first certifying to BAP in 2012, there have been additional certification schemes made available, however, customers have come to recognize BAP as the only seafood-specific certification program addressing every step in the production chain, from the beginning hatchery phase to the processing plant.

The seafood-specific program covers four key areas of sustainability: social, environmental, food safety, and animal health and welfare.

“Practically speaking, certifying to the BAP program touches every part of our production cycle and all aspects of our business,” says Mia Parker, Environmental Performance and Certification Director. “Our production practices are assessed by our internal auditors and verified by third-party auditors who visit our sites to ensure we are achieving the high standards throughout our value chain.

“BAP standards are comprehensive and reflect the evolution of consumer interest from food safety to also include Environmental, Social, and Governance matters. This means that over the past ten years we’ve had to adjust and evolve to ensure we consistently achieve this certification. The changes have been as simple as labelling controls at our processing and packaging facilities, to as complex as working with the Nations in whose territories we operate to ensure that their interests and concerns are addressed.”

The BAP standards are reviewed regularly by the Standards Oversight Committee (SOC) to ensure the program remains current and globally relevant – a committee comprised of members with broad stakeholder representation that is equally represented by experts in conservation, academia, and industry. Where required, SOC modifications to the standards are made available for public comment.

Given Mowi Canada West’s longstanding commitment to BAP certification, the company’s customers have come to appreciate the importance of BAP certification in building trust and confidence.

Ira Tytel, Director of Fresh Seafood at Export Packers Company Limited, regards BAP as a most comprehensive certification, saying: “Export Packers Company Limited has purchased BAP-certified salmon from Mowi since 2017. Our company finds that BAP is one of the most complete programs available. BAP not only covers sustainability but food safety and social responsibility as well.”

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