Tour Policy - MOWI - Scotland

Tour Policy

Thank you for your interest in our company. Mowi Scotland wishes to engage with interested stakeholders about our business and each year we are pleased to host many groups from local and national government bodies, academia, and customers.

While we aim to please all requests that wish to learn about our business of salmon farming, processing, and feed production, we must consider that our active worksites cannot always satisfy all requests.

All requests to our facilities must be completed using this form, which includes the following information:

  1. Group name and primary interest for tour
  2. Main contact person for the group
  3. Date requested, or desired period (week or month)
  4. Number of visitors in the group
  5. If any of the visitors are under 18 (e.g. school children)

We may choose to decline requests that:

  • are received within short notice (less than a week)
  • are logistically difficult (multiple locations, or large distances)
  • conflict with staff schedules or important work projects
  • are large groups (more than 10 people) as we are limited to the number of guests that may safely tour our worksite and receive an adequate/informative experience
  • are too few people (1-2, for example) as our ability to resource multiple tours for individual needs is limited
  • includes children too small to wear personal protective equipment
  • does not follow the lifecycle (egg to plate) of a salmon (if multiple locations are requested)

To help us satisfy additional requests, we have invested in facilities that can more easily and safely accommodate guests without causing interruption to our employee’s workday. Our recirculating aquaculture hatchery at Glenmoriston (Inchmore) may accommodate many guests for a viewing of the facility from an indoor, bio-secure and safe viewing platform. During this tour, our host may also introduce you to other elements of our value-chain.

Mowi Scotland is also in the development phase of a salmon experience centre, allowing guests to immerse themselves in Scottish salmon whilst enjoying a tasting. Look for our announcements about this exciting development in the near future.

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