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Integrated Value Chain

At Mowi, we believe the right way to supply a growing world population with healthy, nutritious protein products is by sustainably farming the ocean. Our vision is “Leading the Blue Revolution” and our ambition is to be a world-leading, integrated producer of seafood proteins.

Mowi offers a wide range of products from value-priced to premium alternatives for consumers to choose from, thus providing flexibility aligned with their budget. It is more important than ever to make nutritious and sustainable food affordable and accessible to millions of people, while respecting our planet and allowing local communities to flourish.

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Just a few decades ago our founders were growing salmon in netted bays and mixing fish feed by hand. Over 50 years later, our investments in areas such as genetics, feed, value-added processing and smart technology have transformed our business and now place us in a leading position that few food producing companies can match. By controlling everything, from breed to feed, from health to harvest, from processing to plate we can provide precisely what is needed at every stage of the value chain. It gives clear provenance to everything we do and gives our customers transparency and certainty. It makes us more flexible and responsive – able to answer customers’ requests and address any concerns quickly and effectively. But, most importantly, it creates trust in what we do and how we do it. We hire the best in the industry to ensure expertise at each stage of our value chain and we gather and exchange data, experiences and practices from our global operations which provides us with opportunities that are difficult to match or copy.

Our value chain control lets us set ambitious sustainability targets and make a positive impact on our planet. Practically, this includes sourcing sustainable feed ingredients, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sourcing more and more of our electricity from renewable sources, and looking at our plastic usage at every stage of the business. This is all underpinned by investment in robust research and development by teams across the entire Mowi value chain who continually look at how we can innovate and be more sustainable moving forward.

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We select the strongest, healthiest and tastiest of each generation to create the world’s finest broodstock . We have worked with the same strain of salmon since Mowi’s beginnings in 1964 and we work hard to protect and develop our unique breed. We have our own breeding and genetics department and our strategy is to produce our own eggs to secure the selection of the best genetic properties. We hold our own brood stock and invest significant efforts and resources to improve the performance, disease resistance, welfare and quality of the fish.


We develop and manufacture our own salmon feeds to ensure that our unique Mowi breed gets precisely the right nutrients to thrive at every stage of life.


We operate some of the world’s most advanced freshwater systems to nurture our salmon through the early stages of life.


We are setting exceptional standards of fish welfare and environmental care at our seawater salmon farms around the world.


Harvesting is one of the most critical points in our value chain. We have developed world-class technologies to perfect the timing of harvests and minimise stress levels.


We are leading the world by setting new standards of best-practice and developing innovative processing and monitoring techniques. We have 41 primary and secondary processing facilities across 19 countries, which allows us to adapt and evolve to meet customer demand.


Our product development teams are setting new standards of innovation with world-beating products that enhance our value chain.


We are setting new standards in the ways in which salmon is presented. Drawing on culinary cultures from around the world, we are inspiring ever more interesting and delicious ways to enjoy Mowi salmon.

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Soay - September 2022