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Working in harmony with the sea

Our corporate ethos rests ultimately on the belief that by farming the ocean we can sustainably produce healthy, nutritious and affordable food for society at large. Our stewardship of the environment is essential to reach our long-term goals and to safeguard the interests of future generations.

We pursue an integrated sustainability strategy aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this strategy, long-term targets have been established for all of our guiding principles.

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Leading the Blue Revolution Plan

Mowi, the world’s leading aquaculture company, has released its Sustainability Strategy called ‘The Blue Revolution Plan’.

With our oceans covering 70 percent of our planet’s surface yet only 2% of our calorie intake is seafood, there is great potential for the ocean to produce more sustainable food.

“This plan will allow us to achieve our goal of producing more food from the ocean thus meeting the demands of a growing population while respecting the planet and helping local communities to flourish,” said Catarina Martins, chief sustainability officer at Mowi. “In committing to leading the Blue Revolution, we have set the bar high and while our sustainability targets will not be achieved overnight, they will be achieved through key innovations, partnerships and a shared vision.”

The Blue Revolution Plan is built around a tasty and nutritious product; financial responsibility and transparency; and taking care of our planet and its people.

“As we enter 2020, the world is facing global challenges such as climate change and plastic pollution,” Martins adds. “The Blue Revolution Plan will help us to focus on being part of the solution to those challenges where we operate an eco-efficient value chain and raise our salmon in harmony with nature.”

The Blue Revolution Plan

Endorsing Initiatives

Committed to transformation

Mowi is at the forefront of technological advances transforming aquaculture industry practices. However, one company alone cannot solve all sustainability challenges. Mowi is engaged with multiple stakeholders to promote open and honest dialogue and ensure the constant improvement of regulations and environmentally and socially responsible practices.

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